Any advice on Coach at Bangkok Airport...?

  1. Hi Girls,

    I will be travelling to BKK airport soon and was wondering if anybody had any advice as to whether the coach shopping there is any good. :tup:

    Are there items on sale, new season stuff or just the same old same old....

    also what are the prices like.

    TIA ;)

  2. WOW! I just WISH I had some advice for you, but unfortunately, dont get a chance to go to Thailand very much...lucky girl! Hope you get some great finds and of course, post pics. I wonder if they have items that are hard to find in the US?
  3. you are SO lucky! i am sure you will find LOTS of treasures there!! Don't forget to post pics for us to drool over :smile:
  4. sorry but dont expect any bargains.....Coach is very expensive in Thailand,as it is in Australia. We were in Bangkok in January and bought our daughter a coach bag for her 21st (not because its cheaper than Australia but because the selection is better). The bag was selling for US$300 on the US coach website but it cost us the equivalent of $900 australian dollars but it was what she wanted and as I said was unavailable in Australia. There is also a large Coach store in Siam Paragon shopping Centre and a space in a department store in Central World Plaza (you can then claim the 10% vat back at the airport). Of course there are lots of fakes for sale at the markets!!!

    However, we just returned a couple of weeks ago to a trip to the states and had a ball at the Coach Outlets in Vegas and San Diego (just a pity we werent there in January!!). I got 3 really nice bags for US$400 and another couple for my daughter, as well as ipod covers and wallets etc etc, they are so unbelievably cheap in comparison to here in OZ. We are now planning another trip back to the US at the end of the year for some christmas shopping.
    Dont get me wrong we love Thailand and visit it frequently, however it is not the place for bargains on authentic Coach.
  5. Great is marketed as very high end there... it is compared there along the lines of Louis Vuitton, Prada, Balenciaga..
  6. The mark-up on Coach abroad or any designers for that matter is outrageous. It's only worth it if it's an exclusive to that region.