Any advice on an overnight/gym bbag....

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  1. I have always loved the smooshiness and saturated colors of balenciaga and am thinking about splurging on a larger bag for overnight trips and the gym.

    This would be my first bbag :yahoo:

    I have been think of a weekender, but from the photos it also seems like the giant work might "work" too.

    Since I am new to balenciaga, I was hoping you could give me your opinion on what the best bag would be for an overnight stay or trip to the gym.

    Thanks in advance for your opinions.
  2. I use my Courier as a gym bag from time to time - it definitely holds more than a Work, and has the added convenience of a shoulder strap.

    I do not own a Weekender, so I can't make that comparison. The Courier, though, is not especially structured, so you can fit items of all shapes and sizes in it. I use mine almost everyday as a computer/equipment tote for work.
  3. The GH work and weekenders are too heavy for me - especially for a bag that will be carrying a lot of stuff. I'd go RH weekender or work if I were you. (weekender if it's to be used as an overnighter too - the work is too small for that imo).
  4. Thak you ehemelay and beauxgoris. I'll look up the Courier and really think about the hardware issue. I think I would be an RH person anyway.

    I saw a picture of Nicole Richie with a gorgeous giant weekender but it looked like she would fit inside with room to spare. So maybe the regular weekender is the way to go...
  5. I've had both, and below is what I have experienced.

    If you must have only one bag, then the one that will do double duty as gym bag and overnight bag is RH Weekender for sure. If you wish to fold delicate items into your bag or want to have them come out looking fresh, Weekender is the way to go.

    If you don't mind how your clothes look, the Courier is OK.

    I found Work way too small for a gym bag or overnighter, and I pack very lightly.

    GH Weekender was too heavy for me: RH better for what I use the Weekender for.

    Once your Weekender softens up, it looks no where as big as when you first buy it new, and with just a few things inside it, it still looks nice for toting around at weekends.
  6. Giant refers only to the hardware, the actual bag is the same size. So, she could fit inside a RH weekender too :biggrin:
  7. ^^^
    Very quick! I didn't look at it this way :amuse:
  8. I just recently bought a RH Sang Weekender and took it out of town. It worked PERFECT. It is very light with the RH.
  9. I recently rec'd a courier, and couldn't believe how big it was - it would make a perfect gym bag!
  10. Both courier or WE would be perfect, they are similar in size. It depends on which style you prefer and how you like to carry your bags (by the handle or strap).
  11. I think that the Weekender is really the only way to go on this.