any advice on a first monogram bag (with as little vachetta as possible?)

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  1. Hi friends! i am getting a new work bag, eyeing a monogram as i dont have any big LVs (except for eva) in this pattern :smile:

    however, i am not a fan of patina.. can you give me some ideas on a monogram bag with as little vachetta as possible? hee thanks in advance.. :yahoo:

    p.s. i am actually eyeing a totally MM, but it looks a half diaper-ish and half classic slouchy chic... headache..
  2. Neverfull?
  3. I need clarification, when you say "i dont have any big LVs (except for eva) in this pattern". Do you think the Eva is a big bag?
  4. The Artsy or NF are both great bags without too much vachetta.
  5. sorry, what is vachetta?
  6. the untreated leather
  7. I really like the look of the batignolles vertical :smile:
    Good luck deciding!
    I also think that the totally could work, depending on your style. Its cute and i'm sure that many younger people could pull it off without it looking like a diaper bag!
  8. I'd say a NF or a Speedy. Speedy being my top choice, though. Good luck choosing!
  9. neverfull is a great choice if you want a big bag with minimum vachetta
  10. The BH is great, but the straps a pretty wide so if you're trying to avoid vachetta as much as possible that might no the bag for you.

    Ummm...the Speedy really only has vachetta handles and then the piping on the sides. The NF might be pretty good as well, since the only vachetta is the handles, trim around the top, and drawstrings I believe. The Artsy only has the handle in vachetta.

    I think either a Speedy, NF, or Artsy would be your best bet!
  11. I would say SPEEDY
  12. even with this little vachetta you can be annoyed when it gets dirty.

    speedy might be a better option - you could exchange the handles later on which is a standard-procedure.
  13. There's always the beaubourg, which has barely any vachetta. :yes:
  14. For work, I always think the Palermo is a good option, although it does have some vachetta. NF has very little vachetta but may turn out to be a tad too casual for work, IMHO.
  15. I vote for the batignolles horizontal!