Any advice from the more 'experienced' handbag collectors?


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Jan 2, 2008
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I would also say, don't be sucked in to thinking that if you don't get the bag immediately it will be gone for good. Not so! Every bag I thought I'd never see again if I didn't buy right away I always end up seeing again. Don't impulse buy and don't get something just cause it's a good deal unless you are sure it's the bag for you.


Feb 4, 2006
ITA with everyone's comments:yes: ... my biggest mistake was impulse buying, I love deals so I always end up buying something because it was on sale. I've definitely learned to control that and wait for the bag I really wanted. Choose a bag you really love so that you'll still love it down the road! That said, I'm pretty bad at following my own advice since I still can't downsize my own collection! hehehe I'm very sentimental with my bags but I'm trying though!:blush:


Jul 16, 2006
^that's a good almost feels like a way for designers to pressure us into buying their stuff NOW...I've been saving up for an Hermes bag for almost a year now (haven't come far as I fell in love and spend much on holidays and outings with my bf) but the price keeps going up everytime I come near (try adding 10-15% on top of the already staggering price tag of $6,500 as of April last year). For me as a student it is just out of reach at the moment, so I keep spending money on less expensive similar (red) bags. I really need to stop that spending and save up for the one I truely want, but it is sooooo expensive and I am just too impatient...and the price increases really aren't very motivating either.


Sep 27, 2009
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What about wanting to buy the bag before the price goes up?
I totally understand what you mean. But for me, it’s not just the sticker price that I think of as the cost. I also try to factor in how much it’ll “hurt” for me to buy something now, how many other things I’ve bought recently, etc.

For example, there was a bag I thought I wanted pretty badly 2 months ago, and it was on sale for a great price. I could have bought it at the time, but it would have been a stretch – too many birthdays, holiday expenses, etc. It was tough, but I held off. As it wasn’t a rare bag, I figured I could find it in a few months. The price would be higher, but I would be in a more comfortably financial place to buy it. So although the price would technically be higher, the cost to me would be less, if that makes sense.

[FONT=&quot]Also, turns out that I changed my mind on the bag, so pretty happy I didn’t get it :P[/FONT]


Jan 8, 2010
Wow, such great advice here!!
And I sure can relate to what everyone is saying! As well as you, OP!

I had a hard time myself... I was in your shoes Nyer, just recently...just started buying designer handbags, wanted to start a great collection, one I could use way down the line.
Each time I found a handbag I loved, I wanted to purchase it immediately. And the SA's didn't make it any easier - saying that the color was discontinued, or rare, or something to the effect of that I better not wait to buy it!

So, I did end up buying a number of bags very quickly. However, I did give it a lot of thought. Never bought one the first time I saw it.
What I asked myself was, "If I get this, knowing I'm not going to be buying bags at this price very often, will I use it down the line? Can I honestly see myself carrying this in years to come?" I bought bags with the idea of using them for a long time.
This was a good question for me.... don't know if it helps.

I saw in another thread someone said think of cost per wear. Really great concept.
i intend to use the bags I got (high end) as much as possible, and for a long time, which brings the cost per wear to a reasonable number.

I thought about the bags I saw that I wanted, looked at others pictures online that were carrying them, and went back to look at them multiple times, to make sure. Now I feel good about the purchases and really like the ones I did get.

One thing that is hard, though, like someone said, is if you do get several incredible new ones close together, it's hard to enjoy each one, since they are all new. That is something to think about that happened to me.

Good luck... keep us posted!! have fun!


Nov 19, 2009
I saw in another thread someone said think of cost per wear. Really great concept.
i intend to use the bags I got (high end) as much as possible, and for a long time, which brings the cost per wear to a reasonable number.
I always think about cost-per-wear before I buy something, so to justify buying something more expensive I have to buy fewer things. And this is my dilemma when it comes to handbags because each one is so expensive and yet I (much like everyone else here) want to build my own collection of high-end bags. :blush:

Off topic but still relevant to the thread: I think a big part of holding myself back on certain purchases, though, is doing the research. For example, I've gone through phases where I wanted the YSL Muse, YSL Muse II, and Chanel 2.55, but when I found out about the threading problem for the Muse, the inconvenience of the Muse II, and the maintenance problems of the Chanel 2.55 (apparently you need to store it a certain way otherwise the leather can get ruined)... my desire for these bags just went away.


Jul 20, 2009
There's a thread called "best advice" or "what I wish I'd know" or something similar you might want to do a search for.

Some of the common mistakes I hear are:

* buying a bag online without ever having seen it in person

* buying a bag in a style that's not practical: E.g. a satchel when you're a busy mom of young kids who needs a shoulder strap

* buying the same bag in many colors

* going into debt, or spending more than you can comfortably afford, on bags.

Great advice!

One thing I noticed with myself is to not get too hyped up over other people's purchases. The Reveals & Bag Showcase are great to look at but what works for that person may not work for me.

I agree with researching & trying it on before buying. The members on tPF are great and very helpful but sometimes you need to listen to the non-enablers as well.

In the words of a very loving man (dh) when I show him a picture of a bag, "Do you really need that?"


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Oct 18, 2006
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My collection went crazy for a while.
I sold most everything off and now am limiting myself to 2 bags in 2010 and one only in 2011.
It's a learning curve, like most things.
Welcome to tpf!