Any advice from the more 'experienced' handbag collectors?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I could really use some advice from the more 'experienced' handbag collectors here. I am a bit of a novice at this since I am still trying to sell off my mid-end bags to try to acquire a smaller but more high-end collection. :P

    I was wondering others have faced this problem when they started out, and that is buying too quickly. I'm eager to build my collection of designer handbags but I don't want to get ahead myself so much that five or ten years from now I have to hold myself back on purchases because I have "too much." I think that most of us here have opened our closets and, as much as we love our bags, said "what was I thinking?"

    I think this now and I'll probably think this in the future too, but I really don't need too many bags. Just a small collection of five or so will hold me over. Don't get me wrong... I love that some people here have huge, drool-worthy collections. But by my logic and assuming I don't re-sell, I can only buy a bag every four or five years!

    Discuss. :smile:
  2. I think you are thinking correctly. I was very excited to build my collection. I did just that ... and too fast. Now I have a closet full of high-end bags, mostly 1 designer, and my funds are spent and I have no room for expansion. I love them all and don't have any plans to sell any.

    So now what? I have to resist the urge to get more, especially since I have spent so much so fast. I live in a wonderful shopping area. All the high-end designers have boutiques here. I just have to stay away ... far away.

    So decide what you really want and will not regret the next day. When you get it, totally enjoy it ... and it alone. Then look at the next season's collection and see if you might want something.

    I say just buy one from maybe a spring/summer collection and then a fall/winter collection. Don't buy multiple ones from the same collection.
    See what I mean?
  3. I feel very comfortable with a collection of fewer than 5 bags. More than that and I start to stress out from having too many choices and/or not using my bags as often as they deserve.

    There's a thread called "best advice" or "what I wish I'd know" or something similar you might want to do a search for.

    Some of the common mistakes I hear are:

    * buying a bag online without ever having seen it in person

    * buying a bag in a style that's not practical: E.g. a satchel when you're a busy mom of young kids who needs a shoulder strap

    * buying the same bag in many colors

    * going into debt, or spending more than you can comfortably afford, on bags.
  4. My biggest problem with collecting is that sometimes I will look for the best deal instead of buying what I truly love. I love looking for bargains, but that often means buying what I like rather than what I truly love. You're way better off buying only what you love instead of settling.
  5. I agree with the sentiment. Slow down, think about what you really like AND what works for you, and then start going to meet the contenders IRL until it's utter love. My biggest problem is that I don't wait the month or so to be sure I love it. I usually ********** distress, which has many times led to my purse demise.

    Also I would only buy a bag infrequently so that I don't have divided attentions between too many bags that are still quite new.
  6. One piece of advice I would give is to avoid buying a bunch of trendy bags. Even the more high end designers can have "trendy" bags that may not appeal to you after a few seasons. Focus on having more classic bags in your collection, bags that you won't mind carrying for years to come.
  7. I'm quickly realizing how easy it is to buy three or so bags in a year, so this is definitely easier said than done! :shame:
  8. Everyone has given great advice so far!!! I completely agree with the thought that it's far better to have a small, thoughtful collection of bags that will last than ones that you buy on impulse and the quickly tire of. Queen D is also very wise to advise you to never settle - even if it means waiting longer than you'd like and having to save up, don't buy something just because it's a "deal." "Deals" often end up being more expensive in the end (I have learned this the hard way). I have learned to buy only with cash/debit, too - this obligates me to plan my purchases and doesn't allow for any impulse buying.

    The only original advice that I can add: Research your purchases!!! Excellent handbags are investments, and should be treated as such - fellow tPFers are very kind and generous with advice, and are a priceless resource. And always, always authenticate your purchases here before bidding or buying. :smile:
  9. This definitely happened to me when this handbag madness started. I saw a "great" deal on Gilt (which actually wasn't so great in hindsight) and I practically bought it without thinking. This seems to be the pattern with everything else I bought off Gilt though, so I'm trying to stay away from these luxury-at-a-discount sites.

    But again, I'm still pretty new at the handbag thing so I'm bound to make some mistakes in my purchases. Unfortunately they are very expensive mistakes...
  10. ^Don't be too hard on yourself. :heart:

    We have all done this!!! And you seem to be a very fast learner indeed!!!
  11. Haha, thanks!

    Loquita- I think you are my bag twin. I love Mulberry and YSL and am beginning to love Balenciaga! However, in light of all the advice I'm getting in this thread, I'm trying to resist the Balenciaga. ;)
  12. nyer, If you like Mulberry, YSL, and Bal, then you are in fact my bag twin!!! :yahoo:

    Watch out, though - it's a scaaaaary ride. :lol:

    Welcome to tPF!!!!!
  13. One thing I've done is limit my bag purchases to vacations, that way the bags are usually cheaper (with the VAT refund/price differences) plus then the purses hold a sentimental value for me. If I take one big trip per year I tend to plan ahead for a certain bag that I will buy in one of the cities I'll be visiting. Without this tradition I'd be afraid to think what I would do left on my own to the boutiques and department stores at home!
  14. My big mistake is settling for something less than waiting for the bag I really want. For instance, my last "mistake" was purchasing two bags in a splurge. And I really do not have that kind of money to throw around...

    I enjoy the bags but wonder if I wouldn't have been happier waiting a little while longer before I was able to afford the one bag I probably would have enjoyed even more!
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