Any advice for moving to Shanghai please

  1. Hi girls!

    Dh, I and our 20 month old are probably moving to Shanghai for 1-2 years because of Dh's job at the end of August from the US. I was just wondering if any of you had any general advice for us as well as with regards to anything we definitely should buy and ship there beforehand.

    Thanks very much.
  2. Sorry! I have no advice! But I hope you have a WONDERFUL time! Sounds like a true adventure!
  3. I just moved back from Hong Kong a few months ago, my family and I lived there for 4 years. First...I LOVED living in Asia...if I had my way...I would NEVER have moved back!! It is a great place to live with children...I am sure this will be a good move for you!!
    I would ship in advance....any packaged foods that you particularly love...cereal, fruit snacks, etc... as well as linens, towls, that type of thing! It was very hard for me to find good quality home stuff without paying Neiman Marcus prices.
    You can PM me if you want to talk more about what living in Asia was like....but I would suggest that you get a domestic helper! It is inexpensive...and oh, so worth it!! My DH and I had a great time...because we had someone living in, we were able to go out in the evenings, and spend a ton of time together!!
  4. I came from shanghai, any questions pls feel free asking me.
  5. Ok i just visited SH recently..... so this may not be the most accurate advice but just what i thought might help.

    everyone seems to have nannies and domestic keepers .... which will probably be a great help...

    Stuff like Post cereal and kelloggs i think i saw at the supermarket. if you like your certain blend/type of, bring it!! Chocolate, fav cookies (i saw pepperidge farm in 1 super market though =) )...

    over shop for you and the kids to last you for the next X mths or year before you get to go back to the US to restock. things you take for granted like gap t shirts and PJs will come in handy... esp when you ruin a gap t shirt and can't just run out to buy another!

    MEDICATIONS!! Advil, sinus head cold tablets, nasal decongestants, airborne, immodium, children's cough syrup etc.... had a splitting headache and could NOT find Advil/ibuprofene anywhere!!

    Hmmmm that's all i can think of right now... PM me if you wanna chat... sounds like a huge move. good luck gal!!!
  6. Thanks anne I remember reading about how you had to move in like 1 day, brutal. I am definitely getting someone to help with day-day chores. I guess I am anticipating somewhat of a culture shock only because things are so convenient in the US, and one gets a little used to things. Also what with the recalls with exports from China, I am worried but more so for my daughter so I will be buying certain medications, foods, toileteries. Funny thing about you mentionning sheets etc, I have already started buying those just because I was afraid I couldn't find my favourites there.

    As for DH & I, Bubbleliciousis, I am certainly going to buy some Tylenol, Advil, Theraflu and a few other over the counter things we are used to. Also I was told by someone to bring tampons? I hear you about our favourites, even DH has gotten into the act!

    Lisa-SH, I will definitely pm you when I have more concrete questions and also after things have settled down for advice on where to drool over some BAGS!;)

    Thank you MassLaw for the good wishes, that's how we are approaching the moving as a big adventure and a chance to see a country we might not otherwise visit.

    Thank you ALL for offering your help, I really appreciate it, DH and I move a lot because of the nature of his job, but with a toddler things seem a little bit more daunting especially when we are moving somewhere neither of us has ever been. However we are looking forward to it and for us to learn a new language though I have no doubt our daughter is going to be the one who becomes fluent!!!!
  7. How exciting!! I have no advice to give you never having lived in Shanghai but do send you my best wishes. I'm sure it'll be a lovely experience getting to know a different culture in deeply. One of my coworkers moved there a few months ago and though I haven't heard from her since, I remember her mentioning her fiancee had a maid and that it was a normal thing to do there.

    Enjoy!! I'd love to visit China someday.
  8. LOL yes. tampons. how could i forget to tell you to bring that... while on my search for sanitary stuff, i came across yucky old tampons - the type you get at the dispenser with the paper cardboard inserter. :wtf:

    so yes bring those over!!

    I think good way to figure out what are the little daily comforts you need to bring would be the following: as you go about stuff every day, make note of wat you use/miss/alaways reach for and add those to the list =)

    will PM you shortly ....
  10. Thank you missmustard for the well wishes!

    Anne, you're right time will fly and in no time we will no doubt be preparing for another move, and I do want to experience and see China in a more intimate way than I would otherwise on a short trip and here's the chance!
  11. I just found out that I'm moving to Shanghai in January for my job. I'm sad because I love NY SO MUCH, but I do really like Shanghai, too, and the opportunity to do what I do in China is very exciting. PM me!
  12. I'm from SH! :biggrin: Feel free to ask me anything you come across. It's very hot and humid there in the summer. Prepare yourself for that. >_<