any advice for me....

  1. Ive lost 2 stone since January, and Ive been eating healthy and going to the gym 3 times a week. For the past few weeks my weight loss has totally stalled even though Im still being so good. Do any of you have any advice for me in how to keep losing weight. Ive been using spark people where it recommends me to eat between 1200 and 1550 a wk and Ive been trying to keep to the lower end of that but I just don't seem to be able to lose more. I still have three stone to lose and I just want to keep it up as its starting to make me less determined the fact that I have been so good and Im still not losing any more:sad:
  2. You might want to eat closer to the 1550 claories now. It is normal for your body to platue but you have to work though it. The reason I saw that you probably need to eat mor calories is because you dont want to starve your bady because that will make it even harder to loose the weight.

    Try mising up your workout at the gym that could really help as well you dont want your bady to get to compfortable in your workouts and keep it up!
  3. I agree, try to eat slightly more, add a snack in there somewhere and change your exercise routine drastically.
    Do high impact bursts, like sprints or power jumps.
  4. Your body hit a plateau and you need to do something different to kick you body into high gear again. The body, as a natural response, would try to conserve or preserve what body fat it has for survival. In times of starvation, it is known that fat cells are the last to go. So weight loss is an uphill battle BUT it doesn't mean it is a losing battle. First change your diet. You did not mention what food you are eating, but there are many diet choices out there, like low carb, high protein. Secondly, you also have to change your gym routine. In weight training, it is suggested one changes his program after several weeks because the muscles tend to 'get used' to the old program and it plateaus. You also have to monitor the appropriate heart rate for your age and weight and to sustain it for more than 30 mins, and target a higher heart rate as you improve. Good luck.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I might try and raise my calories to bring them up a bit nearer to the 1550. I have been doing 45 mins on the cross trainer 3 days a wk and about 5 minutes of running so I'll do myself up a new programme. I havent been following any main diet as such, just eating healthy. I eat cornflakes for breakfast every morning, a ham salad sandwich on wholemeal bread for lunch, with some fruit and a mini bag of popcorn and then usually veg and chicken for dinner. I think I might need to be a bbit more varied after reading that food list!!