Any advice for a stay @ home mom??

  1. Hi

    Well, here is my problem/situation.

    I LOVE lux items (bags, shoes, etc.) and since having our son we decided I'd stay at home. I worked in non profit and really didn't make the $$ it would cost for full time childcare and for a long time we felt it would be in our son's best interest if I was able to stay at home w/him his first years. Well, he is 3 1/2 now--entering preschool and wee starting to try to have a another baby.....

    My question do some of the stay at home mom's who use to work supplement that missing income?

    I'm trying to find ways to help bring in some extra $$ a month since now we have preschool costs and soccer, swimming, etc. for our son. We don't want to deprive him of some of the things he loves and interacting with other kids, but we also could use some extra $$ to help off set those costs and my
    NEEDS :P (I mean WANTS...NOT NECESSARILY NEEDS):lol: :lol:

    Thanks for any advice
  2. How about taking care of the neighborhood kids? Like a nanny?
  3. Are you very organized. People will pay money to have you organize closets, kitchens, offices, etc. FabJob Guide to Become a Professional Organizer (FabJob Guides): Books: Grace Jasmine,Jennifer James

    Or you could try becoming a personal shopper FabJob Guide to Become a Personal Shopper (FabJob Guides): Books: Laura Harrison McBride,Peter J. Gallanis,Tag Goulet

    You could work part-time with both of these careers during the hours your son was in school.

    Since you worked for a non-profit, maybe you could freelance and write grant proposals. Also, medical and legal transcription work can be done from home. These are very in demand right now.
  4. I would think about a home business!! There are a lot of great ones out there. They are very flexible and can bring in extra $$!

    Jessi Bannon
  5. Hi,

    Thank you so much for your ideas. I'm going to check out all of these.

    I do have an idea for a toddler type bag which I'd like to somehow get a patent for, etc. but I'm not sure where to start. I'm not even sure how to find a company to make these.....
  6. Hi, I work in HK, in the handbag business, and would be happy to pass you the name of a factory in China that could help you make a prototype, and eventually produce the bags. They work on small minimums, which is VERY hard to PM me if you are interested....:smile:
  7. We forked out the money and bought an embroidery machine 3 years ago. We started doing embroidery for people we know and doing craft shows which greatly expanded our business. From there friends and friends, friends started to want handmade purses with embroidery done on them which eventually lead into us getting a web site and selling designer purses online. We are still small and evrything is done in our basement but it allows me to stay at home.

    We sell BCBG, Carbotti, Marc Chantal, and Melie Bianco.

    Hopefully we can expand into Prada by November.

    God bless.
  8. I'm a real estate agent and I have a transaction coordinator that works for me, as well as a few other agents. She's stays at home w/ her two young kids and works out of her home. Her job duties inlcude scheduling inspections, data entry, flyer and marketing materials, faxing, basically keeping all the paperwork together for the transaction, etc. It's very basic, but she's invaluable to me. Some transaction coordinators are paid on a per transaction basis, some w/ any hourly rate. Let me know if you'd like any further info w/ regard to contacting a real estate firm. Good luck to you.
  9. I decided to work at my sons preschool part time. They go five mornings a week and I work four mornings a week. It gives my pocket money, pays for the cleaning lady and preschool tuition, and keeps me out of the stores! I started by substituting a little bit last year just to get my feet wet. So far it's been a good fit.
  10. I understand completely about the daycare situation. I am at home with a 3 year old and a 4 month old. I started my own website so other stay at home moms can make some extra income. manderinesmoney - Homepage You should check it out, there is no money up front and its a great way for a second income as well.