Any advice for a newbie?

  1. I figured I'd come to the experts! I'm new to the group, but not to coveting great bags. I have a red suede Fendi flap top, a Louis Vuitton and 2 Gucci's (beige leather and logos and navy leather and logos.) Anyway, I want to venture into Chanel, and I've finally convinced myself it's NOT crazy to spend that much on a bag.

    Chanel is harder because of the lack of an online shopping tool (Has anyone else heard that they may soon be selling their bags on their website? Why haven't they been doing that anyway all along?) At the boutique in Atlanta, they always seem to have the same old thing.

    Does anyone have any advice as to where I can see the line of handbags so I'll know what they have to offer (do they have a book?) Any suggestions as to what bag is particularly fabulous that you'd recommend? I like the chain strap (but it's not a dealbreaker if it doesn't have it), silver not gold hardware, something a little larger in size (but not huge) that fits over the shoulder.

    What do you think of the pebbled leather?

    Thanks for your help!:flowers:
  2. No, I haven't heard that they'll sell online soon. Where did you hear that?

    The pebbled leather is also known as caviar and it's PERFECT because it's the most duarble leather by Chanel.
    Do you like totes or bags carried on your arm?
  3. Just re-read and saw the part about it being a shoulder bag. I'll post a photo of one that may fit your criteria. . .
    There's a TON of pics in this Forum and we've been pretty good about labeling the pics as to what the color name and ligne it's from.
    There's not an online source to even view Chanel bags though, aside form here ;)

    The first few photos are of the Grand Shopping Tote. . . comes in lots of colors and it's SO practical!

    The 2nd style is the Luxe Ligne Flap, it's a durable leather as well, but slightly more delicate. I carry this a lot and it's still pristine!
    DSCF1323.jpg DSCF1332.jpg DSCF1336.jpg DSCF1347.jpg
  4. The grand shopping tote is the way to go. Definitely a great beginner bag. Maybe a Medallion tote?
  5. Classic flap bag, all the way hehe

    No online book, you have to browse through here. Also, I don't think they will be selling their bags online. You could always just go to Neimans or Saks and look at the options
  6. i dont think they will sell online either, because even at the boutique, you have to FIND one, there not made to stock the stores, when they dont have it you have to locate one or they just wont have it, its exclusive not like LV or gucci,

    i would reccomend, one of the shoppers
  7. If you feel that what's at the boutique is the same old thing, you should ask an SA to see the season's look book, or describe what you're looking for in a bag and have them suggest some styles for you. Often, what's on the floor is not the entire stock. Once you get an SA into the groove, you will be surprised what they will bring out from the back. Also, check out this thread for some of the Fall/Winter 06 items:

    Chanel has lots of different styles that are all equally fabulous. Right now, I am partial to the Mademoiselle line. Some of the bags are pictured in the thread I linked above.
  8. ^good point to make to someone who doesn't go to the boutique often.
    Ask what else they have if you don't see something you LOVE, they have more. . . they aren't hiding it for anyone special, they just don't always keep a lot of product out on display.
  9. I'm waiting to get my first Chanel (probably not until Christmas :girlsigh: ) and have decided on the Cerf. It's beautiful and can be carried on the shoulder or in hand. :flowers: Now if I could just decide between black and brown... :lol:
  10. Percy: I see that you are in Atlanta. You are correct that both the Neimans and Saks Chanel boutiques have a limited selection on display but there are a bunch of bags in the back. When I was at Neimans on Saturday one of the SAs brought out about 20 bags from the back to show another customer. Just tell the SA what you are looking for and he/she will be able to help you out. Also, you can use this forum as a sort of online catalogue. I think there is at least one picture of every bag Chanel makes on display somewhere in this forum.

    CB: Get the brown Cerf. I don't see as many of those as the black and I think you tend to like warmer colors.
  11. My vote would be for the Grand Shopper too
  12. Thanks Dianagrace! :flowers: The SA said I should go with brown too. :lol:

    Percy: I would definitley ask to see what they have in the shape/style you are looking for. They might have something in the back that's perfect! :flowers:
  13. Man, yall are the best. I am taking notes on your advice, so much to learn. Thank you so much :yahoo: for all of the insight. I can't wait to become wore well versed in the Chanel-lingo! This is great!
  14. To find the pix of the bags, do I scroll through the postings or do they reside in a separate area?
  15. Yea you can scroll through the postings. Also there is a thread at the top for accessories. There are a few bags in there though.