Any advice for a newbie seller?

  1. I have some bags I want to sell. Brand new. Gucci wallets, I'm scared cause those are faked alot. Im thinking of ebaying what I dont want. Returning is not an option as some were gifts and I couldnt ask for the reciept. Im scared of eBay with all of the drama , do you think it would be worth it since I have not sold anything before, just bought a few things here and there. Would anyone trust my feedback?
  2. What is your feedback?
  3. Serious bidders always check sellers' feedbacks, especially feedbacks from buyers. Since some goodies you have are gifts, you have to be very experienced with that brand and 10000% sure it is authentic so you can mention that it is authentic guaranteed in your listing; otherwise you might will be burned later. In your listing, you should also provide as many clear pictures as possible.

    The most important characteristics being a good seller (for me, as a buyer) are sincerity, honesty, cautiousness, and good communication. Once you have a good feedback from a buyer, your next sale should be much easier.
  4. Totally agree: be prepared to start slow, but you've got to get a few good designer purse/accessories feedbacks before you're off and running. I would offer a MONEY BACK guarantee on authenticity. For my part, I won't even look at an auction on eBay without it. And clear, multiple pix are a must. As many as you can get. For this, use - it's the best listing software out there, as far as I'm concerned, as they let you post 14 pix for free! Take that, eBay!! :p
  5. Or you could do like me and use to host all your pics and then eBay get nothing extra!

    Definitely post lots of pics but what the sizes as people don't like huge file sizes that takes ages to download
  6. That should read watch the sizes not what....doh!
  7. Thanks everyone!!!