Any advice about a Rolex ladies watch?

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  1. Thought maybe someone would know here
    I know nothing about Rolex, and my DH is the one that seems to think he's an expert.
    Had bought a Rolex ladies watch datejust, with diamond dial numbers, pearl face, two tone oyster strap with 18K gold. I got it at an authorized dealer for 25% off retail price because they said it is a model that is going out, and they need to sell it. I was told at time of purchase, it is probably been on display, new with tape and all, and no older than 1-2 years in terms of production date.

    My DH comes home and looks it up, says it was made in 2005 due to the serial number!
    I was livid!

    We called up the store, and they denied it was 2005, but since we were not satisfied they take it back.

    What would you do? It is a new watch, I was the only owner of it, but it was made 9 years ago. I still paid a lot for it.
  2. I would never give business to anybody who blatantly lied to me about a product just to make a sale.
  3. Hm, I also think it was best to take it back. You can get the same watch, of the same age for much much less. The price was way too high and like RosiePink said, I would never do business with someone who lied to me about the product just to make money.
  4. Is you DH 100% POSITIVE he's right?
    If so, it's the principle. . . I'd take it back.
  5. I posted on the Rolex forum, and the guys there said that it was common practice, but I agree with you ladies --- It was the principle of her lying to me.

    She even denied it when my DH called and said this was a D series 2005 watch production, as if she knew nothing about it. Okay, you are a major chain retailer and you sell Rolex, so you know.

    I wouldn't even be so unhappy had she told me upfront this was probably 9 years old.

    Yes and I paid way too much for it. In 2005 this watch was $8000. I paid $10,000 with the discount. So when I stepped out of that store the value of this watch dropped like crazy, and you can by a certified prestine condition same watch for $5000!

    So I think it was just dishonest, right?
  6. I would take it back...tell them you will pay 4 or 5k, or whatever you think would be a reasonable deal to take it off their hands based on the age of the watch....if they say no, then return it.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I did return it last night immediately. I highly doubt a Rolex expert buyer is going to buy that watch any time soon. I will be going back next week to pick up a purchase that was on order. If the SA mentions the watch, I will say that I still love it, but the date is just too old and it is no longer even an investment at that price. I would pay 1/2 off MSRP at around 5-6 K and I'd take it off their hands exactly as you say!

    Thanks for the advice! Will keep everyone updated.
  8. I would take it back and purchase from a different company, a company that lies to its customers is a no no :nono:
    if they lied about that what else are they lying about? hmm
  9. I think the very fact the SA took it back immediately when they don't usually accept a return once it is altered (strapped links removed to fit me) goes to shoe the SA knew all along and the jig was up!

    I can't believe she did it in purpose though because we just dropped $20k on other jewelry in the last two weeks at the store and she got all that commission. Now I'm upset and probably not going back after I get my item I ordered. She lost a possible loyal repeat buyer by pulling this trick if it was indeed a trick. I would like to think she really didn't know but she has been selling Rolex for 20 years, could she really be clueless?
  10. Return and never go back to that store, they don't deserve your hard earned money :wtf:
  11. return it asap, I agree i wouldnt trust them at all and i wouldnt even trust that the pieces are not aftermarket pieces. this sheds a bad light on their business and not all authorized dealers are good ones smdh