Any Advantage to Going to MJ boutique?

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  1. I'm going to be in Vegas. Wondering if it's worthwhile to go to the MJ store. I've never been to one. Is there greater selection, better prices, any advantage as opposed to going directly to the source?
  2. Although I think it's worth a quick visit I was extremely underwhelmed by their selection. I was just there last weekend and there were no resort bags and only a few fall bags. HTH! Have fun in Vegas!! :smile:
  3. I agree with Melly. It's worth a quick visit but the selection and prices are not superior to other retailers that have MJ. In my opinion, it is much better to purchase from Nordstrom or Saks. MJ stores return policy stinks :sad:
  4. Actually, most of the stock is not on display. If there's a bag that you're looking for from a past season, they could very well have it in the back. I know at the MJ store in LA I can ask for fall 05 items and they pull out from the back for me to look at.

    I rarely buy from the MJ store, but it's nice to see the newer season bags in colors that aren't available at dept stores.
  5. Prices for MJ are the same everywhere. The only advantage I can think of is a Marc Jacobs shopping bag for your purchase. I prefer department stores since you can return if you change your mind. Also, it's easier for me to shop since I don't like having someone staring at me the entire time. I feel more free to pick things up and try on the bags.