Any additional info on this Coach Bag would be appreciated :)


May 19, 2016
New to Forums, please redirect me if this is not the correct section, Thank you !
I picked up this bag at an estate sale. Folks in a Coach Bag group on ebay helped me gather info:
Bonnie's Legacy Small Zip Satchel
Creed Patch info: KOP-9421 ; Made in Costa Rica; "O" after letter K indicates it was made in 2000
Black Leather with brown interior, ribbed sateen ?
Anything else I need to know ? My intention is to sell this one, I don't need it :smile: But I want to be as informed as possible and be able to authenticate it and pass on what I learn. Thank you for your help !
coach6.jpg coach4.jpg coach5.jpg coach9.jpg coach7.jpg


Jun 14, 2014
No info on this one ?
If you are looking to find out if it is authentic, you should have posted in the Authenticate This Coach section. Lots of very knowledgeable people there! :smile: If you just want info about the bag, post in the ID This Coach section. :smile: