Any additional coupons for Hanna Andersson sale in Jan?

  1. We have a new store in Houston, and I remember getting coupons for instore use only off sale items in previous years. Does anybody know if this happens in January to get additional discount off current sales?

  2. When I was in the store a few weeks ago, they gave me a coupon for 15% off regular-price items, valid 1/28-2/10. This coupon is only good in-store, not online. I haven't heard about any coupons good for sale items, though.
  3. I shopped online about 2 weeks ago and bought some really great things for my daughter. I love their clothes. My kids have been wearing her soft cotton things since babies. I thought the online sale was pretty good.
  4. I wanted to get some pjs, but they are $28. I didn't think those were a super buy. I did get some awesome jackets though.
  5. Got an email this morning. It says an extra 20% off in stores on Jan 3-6.
  6. The PJs are supersoft and even though they are $28, they will be the ones you reach for every night so they are worth it. The cotton is so stretchy and unlike other brands.
  7. I've gotten great deals on their PJ's by calling their outlets (they ship). I've gotten some for as low as $14 a pair but most are around $20 per pair.