Any actual pics of the Carly pouch?

  1. I love the Carly pouch but I was hoping to see real pictures...especially someone wearing it. Thanks so much!!!
  2. i dont have one because i think its very small, sooo cute but just too small for me.
  3. I will take photos in a little bit - can't say I know how to post the pictures though! a little help?
  4. here's mine, haven't used her yet.

  5. I have the pouch in khaki/chambray as well and will post a pic of me wearing it a little later. I think it's just perfect,fits more than I expected.
  6. I agree!
    I thought it would be very tight and not fit anything like my legacy pouch, but it fits so much. And it's comfortable to carry.
    I don't have any pics, but will try to take some for you.
  7. Here is my Carly. Hope it helps.
  8. ooh! thanks so much for the photos! I LOVEE IT! =]
    the Carly Pouch is soo cutee! & hopefully it's the perfect size!
    because I'm very petite...:love:
  9. PY: Love the Legacy scarf on that Carly....looks PERFECT.