Any Active Endeavor Codes?

  1. Any code coupons that would work for ActiveEndeavors? They already have free shipping. I see some nice bags there and would like to order while Hubby is still in the Christmas spirit...LOL
  2. 'toutie' for 20% off...I'm pretty sure it still works.
  3. Thanks. It worked. When Hubby saw the Gryson Tate he said it was the neatest bag he's seen in awhile. I looked all over for a sale but there are few to none to be found. They had it for 800 and the Toutie brought it down to 640 with free shipping. Thanks a bunch.

    (Man, I really need to take out my sig. It's just made things worse)
  4. Haha yeah, after I posted the code I noticed your sig. and I just had to laugh....and I was like hmm maybe I shouldn't have given her that code if she's trying to stay away from buying more bags!

  5. LOL. I was going to say the same thing...:yahoo:
  6. Now all that's left on my want list for 2007 is 2 from Kooba's Spring Line, so technically my sig is of now...if I stay good. I'd better being as I bought 3 bags in one day (yesterday).
    Thanks for enabling me girls....LOL