Any ACTIVE ENDEAVOR Code for sale items???

  1. I want a sale item and would love even a little bit off. Anything?????

    The mua20 does not work :sad:
  2. Active Endeavors policy is they do not honor codes on sale merchandise, but they will check against their markdown and give you the lowest price. I think that is stated on the website...
  3. I saw you mention that on another post so I went ahead and ordered it. 298 is a good deal anyway. Can't get somethin for nothin! LOL
  4. their codes never work on sales
  5. Actually it worked for me once! ~ they took off over $200 for me
  6. Oh, Lexie...Please share..What did you get? Did you fall in love with another Kooba?
  7. "DAD" worked when i tried to check out a bag that was on sale. even though i decided not to buy it but the website actually took 20% off. so give it a try.
  8. Try Reecy. That worked for me last week. I think it may still be good.