Any Accountants/CPAs here???

  1. Hi, I'm about to graduate and I'm looking into internships but I can't decide where to apply. I know work hours are always going to be crazy being an accountant (esp at big 4) but I'd like to work somewhere where it isn't SOOO bad. I'm def willing to work hard but would prefer less than 11+ hours. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! If you have any personal experiences you'd like to share being an accountant, I'd enjoy that too. Thanks!
  2. i would also like info, too. :smile:
  3. Even though I don't have a lot of years of experience, these are a few things I would've like somebody to warn me about when I started - Always go for large international companies specialized in finance, banking, accountancy... even if it's a volunteer internship, their name on your resume is worth more than all the money you could ask for. I am CPA certified and currently studying for CFA and CMA. If you intern/work in a good company, they will be very lax about your working hours provided you do well in your examinations.
  4. Not sure my situation here will apply where you are. In general, you get more money in the commercial field than the CA firms but CA firms will have a better program of getting you CPA certified. The big 4 tend to pay slightly less than the 2nd tier but as Bambie said, their name on your resume means a lot. So my advice is to put in the hours in a big 4, get ur CPA certified and then go where the money is. :smile: