Any 5'1 Pfer Using A Work Bag?

  1. 5'1 pfers using a work bag, anyone here ? Im beginning to love the work bag after seeing pics and im quite short 5'1... pls post pics 5'1 pfers wearing your work bbag tia :tender:
  2. Hatikuh has it and loves it- she's in that height range!
  3. ^ lol thanks zac! Yes, kaka, I'm 5'0" (or 5'1" on a good day) and I posted some pics of me wearing my Work bag in the "pictures wearing your balenciaga" thread, post #81. There's a comparison between City and Work :smile:
  4. zak and hatikuh thanks :smile:

    hatikuh - which one do you like or use more the city or work? im not so fond of the city bec i dont like hanging zippers which is why i bought the first. Does the work get in the way when you move, thats what im afraid of bec im short it might get in the way:upsidedown:
  5. hatikuh you look great with the work bag. I am short also but I am considering buying a work to use as a diaper bag.
  6. kaka, i'm only 5'2 & i've got 3 works (black, lilac & origan) & i absolutely love the style :love:...they're light & easy to carry on your shoulder & hold so much stuff...believe it or not, i mostly use 'em for work (lol!!!) :P
  7. kaka, I use them all the same, I like to switch at least once a week. That said, I do have more City (3) bags than Work (1) & Classique (1). Work is more functional to me to take to work since I like to carry lots of junk and I don't like to overstuff my City. It does not get in the way lol, and if you hate the hanging zippers, you would love the Work! It's definitely easier to zip & unzip. But it is wider so if I sit it on my lap it sticks out a bit to the sides (this only matters to me when I'm in the MUNI/BART so it's not a big deal).

    I took some comparison pics of the bags in this other thread:

    I would lie if I tell you that it won't be a shock though...especially if you're used to the First/Classique size. When I first tried on the Work at NM, I thought it was humongous (is that even a word?), but with the right color & slouchiness, it could be love at first sight :love: You should go try it on before deciding!
  8. awww thanks, cilla! :love: It actually would look even more proportional if I wore heels when I took those pictures :shame:
  9. thanks hatikuh :smile: im leaning towards the work theres one on ebay now but i find if fishy bec the same bag was sold with a winning bid last aug 2 by the same seller and now its listed again exactly the same bag and the same pics

    aaa - you mentioned on your thread a lilac and magenta work on ebay a few weeks ago the lilacs on ebay again, is that normal ? having two exactly the same bags.

    here's the link: eBay: SS06 Authentic Balenciaga Motorcycle Work Bag - Lilac (item 230021860219 end time Aug-30-06 10:10:00 PDT)
  10. ^ are the pics the same? You should ask, maybe the buyer backed out...?
  11. awe, don't worry girl, i doubt the seller has 2 of the same bag...bags are relisted all the time because buyers don't pay :sad:...i'd ask the seller what happened, but i'd be willing to bet that's the reason why :girlsigh:
  12. will email her thanks aaa :smile:
  13. I have a black work and I'm 5'2". I think it's on the borderline for me. Not sure, but it may have more to do with how deep it is than how high and wide it is. I'm still debating.
  14. i'm 5'2 and i just tried the work today it's amazing, it doesn't look too big at all i was surprised, i was torn between the work and the day but i was leaning towards the day because of the size. and now i completly changed my mind! so go for it.
  15. yeah kaka get a work!!! i'm just 5'1 and the WORK style is next on my b-bag want list!!! woo hoo!!!