Any 2.55 reissue sz 227 seen at Saks?

  1. I am planning on getting a 2.55 reissue sz 227 for christmas... I thought i found one... but it turned out that it is not an original 2.55 reissue.

    Since the Saks EGC event is approaching and I have a giftcard from Saks as well... could the fellow TPF'ers let me know if anyone has seen a reissue in their local Saks store or knows any leads on one?

    I'd really appreciate your help! TIA :heart::yes:
  2. :yahoo: I have been calling around this morning... Everyone is telling me there is no way i can find an original reissue...However, I found one... I haven't seen it yet... but i was told its a dark white original reissue... with 2.55 stamped on the flap...:yahoo:I am so excited right now and can't wait to check it out IRL... I am going to the store right now and will update you guys later...:wlae:
  3. Oh congrats!! where did you find it? the anniversary reissue was released like 2 yrs ago, lucky you, please post pic if you get it.
  4. Does it say '2005' on it as well?
  5. Sina - yes, it says '2005' on it...

    I just went to check it out...
    its the dark white color with 2.55 2005 stamped on the flap... I am so happy... and i got it with a good price too... i think its 226 sz... its bigger than the classic m/l, but little bit smaller than the jumbo...
  6. Thank you very much... I'll definitely post pic once i receive it...:yahoo:
  7. Did you find it at Bloomies??
    Never mind- you had mentioned Saks
  8. You are right... i found it at bloomie... coz i always saw 'shouldnot exist' stock at bloomie... so i decided to give them a call...:okay:
  9. Yes I saw it a few months ago, and it is an anniversary edition too..hmmm but I thought that another fellow tPFer purchased it, oh well..congrats!!!:tup:
  10. Where did you see it?
    It's probably not the same one you saw... coz mine is a transfer from Boston store... as i was told...:yes:
  11. oh wow your so lucky! ive been looking for that bag forever now!
    how much did u get it for if you dont mind me asking? and is the white the greyish white? or creamy white?
  12. Congrats on such great find! :tup:
  13. wow great find, i am very jealous!!
  14. Thank you, guys !!

    I know I am very lucky today...
  15. Wow! What a find.. if I could only be so lucky.