Any 140mm under $600?

  1. I was just informed that I can spend $600 on a pair of CLs for grad. Any 140mm under $600? I am tired of 100mm I just feel more comfortable and better in a 140. Remember $600 with the 13% tax here in Ontario, my mom is not comfortable with ordering online because of sizing issues, anybody in the Toronto area that has seen some of the styles in David's or Holt Renfrew? With prices? I know what is at David's on Bloor, but didn't check any of the prices.

  2. As far as the new collection goes (what's at Holt's and David's) there's no 140's at $600 especially tx included.

    Unless you're looking at a wedge and even at that it will come out to more than $600 with the taxes.

    I don't even think there's anything at Holts or Davids for under $600 including taxes...

    If your budget is fixed at $600 eBay would be your best bet!

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  3. Yeah :sad: sucks with the tax here, well I could drive over to Buffalo do they sell CLs there?
  4. I've never seen CLs in Buffalo but you can check out stores like Saks Off Fifth since you never know what they get in. And maybe follow the Sales thread for some deals in the US? Good luck!
  5. Saks sale in detroit starts this week.....
  6. Could go there... it's only 4 hours away.
  7. If you see something you like in the sales ; why don't you get a charge-send done so they are sent to you so you don't have to drive all over to pick them up!

    Either that, or you could put the extra 200-300 on top of what your parents are offering to get a 140mm:smile:

    Good luck!
  8. Problem is I need to try them on lol.
  9. you could try them on and then stalk ebay or something?
  10. the cheapest retail CLs i have ever seen are about $595 but they are the classics like pigalles and simples in basic leather, or wedges and flats.... i think ebay or bonanza would be your best bet to be honest.
  11. I don't think anything with a platform retails less than the $700 range.
  12. And you're talking about $600 Canadian rather than US right? I suggest you try on all that you can in Holts or Davids or wherever and note your size. Then you can order online once the sales start or via eBay since sizing will no longer be an issue.
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    go there and wear them no duty! there's also a neimans and a nordstroms among others...

    amazing mall!
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    Not sure if I should go to Detroit though, it's not the safest place to be. I doubt there's CLs in Buffalo :sad: I could just pay retail of something in Toronto. If David's gets some Pigalles in I'd definitely buy them. I know they are not 140, but they look like it because of the arch & no platform.
  15. Hey! That is a good idea, could do! :tup: