Anxiously waiting....

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  1. i placed an order for a Saint Louis PM tote with Goyard in Paris... they told me no stock till November... Well they wrote back recently and i'm supposedly receiving it sometime next week.

    since getting an ipad from my dh... totes are proving to be better handbags :biggrin: for work.
  2. Hi ballchai, I just got mine this morning! :smile: :smile: :smile: I ordered from Goyard London, a St Louis PM in black/tan. I placed the order on 8 Oct, they sent the bag on 11 Oct and I got it less than an hour ago! :smile: I can definitely know hoe you feel waiting for the bag to arrive :smile:

  3. any particular reason why London vs. Paris? better rates? enjoy your bag and don't forget to post action pics. is this your first st.louis? - ENJOY!

    i've been wanting to buy for so long, each time i'm in paris i never pick one up. i guess coz with the big H being in the same city i tend to buy from them first. and hubby always seem to say that Goyard is $$ for the type of bag.. no visual leather. but anyways, i'll be in london for the xmas holidays and if i like the navy tote i order, perhaps i'll get a white one (with my initials).
  4. yes, it's my first St Louis and first Goyard :smile: Actually I did not know of the brand until I went to Paris last month and saw quite a few ladies carrying the St Louis. At the airport, I took a closer look at a lady standing in front of me carrying the bag and saw the brand and went home to google on the brand and there was no turning back... :biggrin: The reason why I bought from London was because quite a number of people have gotten their Goyard bags from them, and there were a number of very good reviews on their service as compared to Paris (no replies to emails etc). Also, I am unlikely to go back to Paris or visit London anytime soon so I just took the plunge and ordered from London :P Plus the GBP rate is quite low now, and the VAT refund is 17.5%, so I reckon it's quite a good deal after all :smile:
    I have seen the St Louis PM in navy, its gorgeous! I am sure you will love it :smile:
  5. actually paris has been quite responsive - replying to my emails daily... obviously i had many questions. we had a store in HK a few years ago, but they've since closed and i read somewhere plan to reopen next year. unfortunately there are many fakes selling in china.

    what color did you get?
  6. we are bag twins SHELNUM .. i ordered mine from barneys ny and i got it yesterday .. would you mine telling me , how much yours costs with all the shipping charges included from london ? just want to have an idea for ordering next time ... TIA .. mine cost $952 including shipping ..

    and we ordered pretty much at the same time , yours came pretty fast and its all the way from london , impressive shipping ..

  7. How exciting! I can't wait to see pics
  8. How exciting!
  9. yea! Can't wait for your reveal!
  10. Hi saccharine12,
    I paid GBP459.57 for the bag (sans VAT) + GBP75 for shipping to Singapore. Yes, the shipping is really impressive! :biggrin:
  11. It's a shame that they make fake Goyard bags! :nono: They make all kinds of fake stuff in China... It seems the FJ Benjamin Group in Singapore has bought over the distribution rights in HK, hopefully they bring the brand to Singapore soon ;)

  12. Shipping used to be GBP85 via another courier,and there is also SGD10 handling fee charged by the courier,in additiona to GST. Glad to know that it's reduced to GBP75 now,and it's even faster now. Did they charge another handling fee?

  13. yes i researched on line and read about that news.. supposedly a store will open again in HK next year. which is why i want the bag soon before we seeing more on the streets.
  14. no, they did not.
  15. Yup, I know what you mean. It's like it seems every girl in France carrys a Longchamp Le Pilage bag or all the LV Neverfull bags that you see here... :P