Anxiously waiting for Buyers feedback!

  1. As you all know, I recently sold my first Gucci bag on eBay.

    I was so scared about all the scams, switch and bait, etc etc. but luckily I found plety of help here on TPF and used a unique security tag.

    The buyer has already received the bag (says but I haven't heard from her. No feedback, nothing to let me know she's satisfied (or not).

    I'm just so anxious to know that this transaction has gone through smoothly!

    Usually when I buy something, I leave the seller a feedback as soon as a receive it!

    Sorry, just blabbing...
  2. You can always send her an email asking her if she received her bag.

    Something like:

    "Hi, just checking to see if you received your bag ok, and wondered if you are happy with the transaction"

  3. Yep... I'm waiting for feedback from two bags. One was a gorgeous LV Cabas Piano (sold in middle of December, still no FB), and one was vintage Gucci kelly bag that the buyer received two weeks ago.

    It's a tough feeling. I just monitor to see if they've left feedback for anyone else in the time to see if they are selectively "forgetting" me.
  4. I actually contacted her already, just waiting for a response now.

    Wow, Sarah, I would go crazy after two weeks of waiting!

    After I get feedback, I'm planning to sell more big items.
  5. Have to say I couldn't care less about the feedback....I'm selling an item not feedback! The way I see it is that feedback is voluntary and if for whatever reason the buyer doesn't leave it I don't mind. You'd be sure to know quickly enough if there was a problem
  6. That's true. It's just that I'm a new seller, I've only sold 2 items and one was a very small item. When I sell in the future, I just want my interested buyers to be confident with my items.
  7. Not always true, there have been instances (never happened to me) where a buyer hangs on to the item for a while, uses it, does whatever... and can hold feedback hostage to accept a return. To a lot of sellers, one negative could really put a nick in a feedback score. Then again, some sellers don't care what one negative could do to them.

    There's just so many what-ifs and nail-biting moments on eBay.
  8. ^^^ TBH can't say that's ever happend to me and I've had in excess of 2,000 eBay transactions

    There are some buyers out there that will never be happy and those that will even end up being friends. eBay is just like real life, some nice people and a smattering of fruit loops!!
  9. I don't ask either sellers or buyers for feedback. From sellers I don't care; from buyers, I'm a little nervous that a pesky email might trigger a response I don't want; so I just stay quiet. Most buyers do leave fb - I had one that never did so I assume she is happy.
  10. I'm in the same position as you -- I buy a ton, but only recently sold a few items and have been anxiously awaiting the feedback from buyers since I'd like to sell some more. I suggest that you leave feedback for the buyer to prompt him/her. I know a lot of sellers don't like to do this, since it opens you up to the buyer potentially leaving you different feedback, but as a buyer, I get PO'ed when someone emails me for feedback and they haven't left it for me. I still think, even though I'm selling more now, that the buyer's obligation is to pay promptly and basically to not be a PITA, so your buyer has already held up their end of the transaction and deserves feedback already. I know lots of people don't agree with me.
  11. I'm in the same situation right now! I sold a LV Speedy 25 and the tracking number shows that the package was delivered, etc but I didn't get feedback or get an e-mail from the buyer. I know that the buyer purchased the bag as a gift for their daughter that attends school away from home though so they might leave feedback after they ship it to their daughter? I'm not really sure but I'm just anxious to hear that everything is okay.

    ^^ I feel the same! Except I send sellers e-mails asking for them to leave feedback. I think it's unfair if the buyer leaves feedback, waits 2 months and still not feedback from the seller... especially when I paid immediately. So in situations like that, I would send the seller a polite e-mail letting them know what I have already left positive feedback for them and if they could do the same once they get a chance to. :yes:
  12. Give it a few days, maybe she simply forgot to write the feedback. Sometimes it takes me a few days because I have a lot of other stuff on my mind. But you can always send her an e-mail asking if she got the bag because says she did. And that you just wanted to make sure.
  13. Ive now gotten in the habit of asking buyers did you receive your item ok? They usually respond that yes thanks for asking and say Im sorry I forgot to leave feedback then they do.
  14. I've learned that if the tracking number says item delivered, but no feedback received, it usually means the transaction is complete and the buyer is satisfied.

    i recently got burned by following up with a buyer, after the delivery confirmation said delivered and i got no feedback 2 weeks later, i emailed the buyer and the lady said she never received the item! she opened a paypal dispute but thank god it ruled in my favor because of the tracking number. She still left me nasty feedback tho.

    now i've learned not to open myself up for false claims like that. item delivered + no feedback = transaction complete. there are just too many people who try to scam these days