Anxiously waiting for bag to arrive worrying its a fake? Join me!

  1. Don't you just hate it when you buy a bag and you sit waiting feeling sick you might have bought a fake?! I've done my home work checking 'how to spot a fake thread' posting on 'authenticate this' thread, checked sellers bidding/selling history (all authentic bags bought and sold), her feedback (100%), she sent extra pics, lots of communication.....and still i feel scared! Misery loves company, anyone else in the same boat?
  2. Ive had to send 2 fakes back :sad: Which sucked and lose custom/shipping fees on top, sucks!
    Crossing my fingers that your bag is authentic though GL!
    What did you get btw?
  3. ^^^ so sorry to hear that, at least you got your money back, that must be a relief! Don't you just hate that sick feeling when you open the box and immediately know it's a fake?! I've got to wait the whole bank holiday weekend. Everything seems in order, but i just hate that niggling feeling.
  4. don't panic , sounds like a decent seller ! there are some decent ones out there ... honestly .
  5. VenetiaWanter, couldn't help but notice you have Whitney sunglasses on your wish list. I'm a bit of a Tom Ford Sunglasses fan myself, i just bought a pair of Charles Aviators from a site called sendoptics the usual price was £180 i got them £156 and free delivery, they're an opticians, i called them and they were really nice, arrived next day, they have Whitney's for £154 free delivery.

    I've also got a 10% off card from if you want the discount code?
  6. oh I sooooo know that feeling although I'm currently not awaiting anything (rare time for me :graucho:) :shame: lol, I always make my boyfriend open the package first and let him inspect it before I will touch it (he's become a real LV wiz latele :nuts:)

    What are you waiting for at the moment?
  7. Can I ask what you bought abowron?
  8. We ALL want to know what you are waiting for!
  9. A 2005 Balenciaga First! ;)
  10. okay... I wanna know how in the world you got your bf to get interested in handbags!! what is your secret! my dh couldn't care less about them. If you cannot catch a fish with it... he isn't gonna look at it! :p

  11. ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh :nuts: most important question to me: WHAT COLOR?!?!?!? :graucho:

  12. To be honest, I seriously don't know?!?! :p He just started questioning about styles, colors, alignment, etc someday and has learned so much since then. :wtf: We both work as SAs at the same place to fund college and we're always checking out the bags that our customers carry :graucho:

    He also has become the "caregiver" of my LVs. He's really patient and can work for hours on polishing hardware or cleaning&moisturizing the leather :sweatdrop: Love him for that.
  13. Kittie, it's black. I can't believe how amazing your bf is! :nuts: i have to hide my bags from my DH, he's caught on to how expensive Chloe is, but doesn't know Balenciaga yet!
  14. abowron - I understand your feeling. I have the same anxiety. I got worried and yet dare not tell my hubby. He will not understand and instead will lecture me about thrift etc etc. Guys!!! :cursing: