Anxiously Counting Down The Days...

  1. ...until I hear back from a publisher who I submitted my autobiography to for their consideration, and hopefully acceptance *crossing fingers*. Back in September, I entered an annual competition of theirs; the winner of this competition gets his/her full-length work published the following year along with an advance. I've been writing my autobiography for 3 years, and I'm really nervous. REALLY nervous. One reason being is part of my book has to do with childhood abuse that went on in my family. Heart-wrenching stuff, but it is a topic that has seemingly been done to death. I have gotten some useful advice from a few members on a writers forum, and I tried to make sure my book did not paint me as someone looking for pity, but I do not know if that was enough to make it stand out.:s

    Anyway, I should hear about who won the competition sometime in February, no specific date was announced. I've been increasingly stressed about this, so I thought a good way to combat that was to talk about it here. Kinda like my little public journal, if you guys will bear with me. I'll pop in this thread every now and then to update, vent, announce(!), etc. I'm not a religious person, but boy do I need some prayers right now! Or good vibes...maybe just plain luck:confused1: I'm signing off now, I'll be back Wednesday. Thanks, guys.:shame:
  2. Wish you the best! Do keep in touch with any updates!
  3. Good luck!
  4. Best of luck!
  5. good vibes being sent your way! good luck, keep us posted :smile:
  6. Best wishes!! Hope you keep us updated!:yes:
  7. Good luck to you!
  8. Good luck Mahbag. =)
    Keep us updated. =)
  9. Good luck! Please keep us updated! Sending you good vibes also!
  10. Good Luck!
  11. Good luck *fingers crossed for ya* :flowers:
  12. Best of luck!!! Hope it gets published! And sorry to hear about the abuse! :sad:
  13. I wake up this morning to find all these wonderful well-wishes...I'm touched.:crybaby:

    Thanks so much. I'll probably turn into a rabid beast starting tomorrow as I await the publisher's announcement. But don't worry, I tend to calm down quickly! I hope the publisher doesn't wait too long say who the winner is, I've been waiting long enough as it is! Anyway, thanks again for letting me share this with you all.
  14. Good Luck!
  15. took so much courage to write that but very cathartic I am sure, good luck!