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  1. I've had anxiety for a long time now, but over the past few years I've noticed that when I drink even a half a glass of wine I get terrible anxiety attacks. I love having a margherita or something when we go out with friends or alone for a quiet dinner, but I've been avoiding it so much because of how I feel after I drink. I get palpitations, either racing heart or slow pulse, and my head feels really woozie. I've always been able to drink and usually a lot at that, but I quit completely when my anxiety got really bad. Nobody in my family has alcohol allergies and I never did before so my question is, do you think that I really can't drink anymore or do you think it's more in my head? I've seen my doctor and he said he thinks I'm perfectly fine and wouldn't advise against me drinking. I've also had numerous heart tests and bloodwork and they are all fine. Any advice or input would be great. Thanks!!
  2. Funny, I just went to dr. yesterday for thryoid checkup. I thought it was the med i was on. I mentioned to him that I've always drank wine but for some reason cannot tolerate anymore. I have 1-2 glasses and I'm flalling asleep, wake up with heart palps, just like you and feel sick. I said it sounded lik allergies and his wife has the same problem.He said it wasn't the meds and I could drink while on that med. He said I might want to try different wines (stay away from red). I haven't drank in weeks, getting used to it now. Oh yes, and I've been getting anxiety attacks too. Just got on 2 more meds. Funny, sounds very similiar to me.
  3. Lately when I drink I get nausea and it's never happened before. I looked it up and heard it elsewhere that alcohol and anxiety are linked.

    I don't think it's in your head. Physical symptoms like that are pretty clear and prove that alcohol is increasing anxiety. Be careful, the two can lead to heart attack or stroke.

    For me, I watch the amount I drink (not every time is the same. One glass is okay whereas 2-3 glasses are fine other times). I would continue seeking help for anxiety. It might become more manageable where you can drink, but try not to mix meds and alcohol. Just be careful!!

    This is the link I found helpful:
  4. Years ago, I was troubled with panic attacks. I found if I had a drink, I would become anxious...because the feeling the drink gave me was similar to how I felt when a panic attack was coming on. I would start to panic after having a drink, just thinking I MAY get a panic attack. Hope this makes sense!

    I was treated medically for panic attacks, anxiety and OCD. The problem with alcohol eventually disappeared.

    I would recommend seeing a psychiatrist, who would be more well versed in anxiety disorders, than a general physician.
  5. You are not alone, and that's why I don't drink, it makes me anxious. I agree with Green Zebra you need to talk to a psychiatrist.
  6. I think if you are having anxiety, maybe you should not introduce alcohol into your body?
    Booze is a depressant.
    What do others think.
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    I see a therapist once every week or two for my anxiety and she thinks that a glass or two of wine or something like that would actually help to relax me, but it doesn't. I don't take any meds for my anxiety because I haven't liked the side effects of the ones I've tried, so I'm now doing a combo of Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates and Meditation along with cardio and strength training to see if I can lessen my stress and get a grip on my anxiety. It's just so frustrating. It would be so nice to be able to enjoy a glass of champagne on my anniversary or a drink for a special occasion. I'm not talking like 10 drinks, but just a glass of something. Maybe one day I'll get back to the point of being able to do that and enjoy it, but for now I just get too anxious.

    For example, on NYE I had a glass of champagne and then the whole next day I had terrible anxiety. My husband assured me that it wouldn't have been from just one glass of champagne. I really don't know. I'm just glad that I'm not the only one that experiences this.

    Have any of you found anything to be helpful with your anxiety that you think really works well? I just started the TC, Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation about 3 weeks ago and I've only taken maybe 4 or 5 classes so I don't think it would be accurate to judge whether it's working or not yet.

    I do tend to have OCD also which doesn't help because then I obsess over EVERYTHING. Right now it's the number 911. I've been seeing it a lot since probably August and it's freaking me out. Everyone thinks I'm crazy if I tell them about it and my therapist said that it's just probably that I'm so fixated on the number that I notice it more than any other number. Seriously though, on the treadmill when I look down from reading my book it's on there or when I check a date on a jar it's there too. I'm actually half embarrassed to even say this part to you guys, but maybe it will help if anyone else has any input to give me.
  8. I had anxiety and panic attacks a year and a half ago after I tripped and fell and required surgery to "fix" me (broken wrist, broken tooth, tooth fragments stuck in my lip because I fell on my face) ... it was awful for me because just going to the doctor makes me nervous. My body just flipped out.

    I went to a psychiatrist for therapy and meds. What I suffered from was similar to post traumatic stress disorder. I didn't want to take any medication either but I relented and after a while I felt better, and tapered off everything. I don't take anything now.

    There's another thread about anxiety and there's a website that I found helpful. Here's a link:
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    I understand you do not want to take meds for your anxiety...but your combination of panic attacks, anxiety and especially OCD seem (in my opinion) to need a psychiatrist's care, as I have suffered from all. I understand the obsessions, and preoccupation with numbers, etc.

    In the meantime, if alcohol is causing you anxiety, and you can avoid it, I would. It's not worth it, no?

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM me, okay??

    Please consider it...okay? It could make a huge difference in your life. :hugs:
  10. I get panic attacks and stopped drinking because alcohol will definitely make me feel anxious and brought on panic attacks. When I drank it also felt like it was harder to get my mind off the anxiety. I stopped about 5 years ago and haven't missed alcohol one bit.

    The first time I had a panic attack I was stoned off pot. I had smoked a lot times before and just one night it brought on a major panic attack and I have been having them since. Of course I stopped that too but that was more like 10 years ago.

    Since I do get anxious easily, I like to feel in control of myself. I will never get drunk or high again. Every time I start to get anxious or panicky, I feel super lightheaded and dizzy like I am drunk or stoned. Being completely sober definitely has helped with my anxiety.
  11. I would encourage you to add magnesium, calcium, and B vitamins to your diet. Of course, check with your doc first, but these have helped me.

    Coffee does the same to me that alcohol does to you. I miss coffee. But I can have teas and soda, so it's not the caffeine. Strange stuff, this anxiety.
  12. I have suffered from anxiety disorder/panic attacks pretty much my entire life. I am 45 now. I don't have the problem with alcohol some of you do, alcohol has a relaxing calming effect on me. now, I do have to cut out most caffeine, even 1 cup of coffee will send my anxiety into overdrive!
  13. I didn't drink any alcohol while I had my anxiety symptoms and was taking medication at the recommendation of my doctor. Now that I've successfully tapered off my medication, I am planning to see if I can enjoy a glass of wine here and there.

    One thing I did notice was that my anxiety has been greatly reduced after taking the medication for a certain time and then tapering off. It's almost like it regulated me back to "normal" and I don't get the racing heart, sweaty palms, etc. any more.
  14. I've been having absolutely horrible anxiety for the last couple of months and I'm at my wit's end with it. If I had to really pinpoint it, I think it's mostly social anxiety, but it's affecting my whole life. I promised my BF that I would make an appointment to talk with someone soon and possibly go on medication, but it's just horrible.
  15. I've been reading this book called So Stressed and it's just for women and I actually finished it up today while I was at the gym and it was wonderful!! I highly recommend it. It gives so much good information and it's not written in a way that you feel like you have to re read it 15 times to understand all the medical terminology. It's very simple, but extremely informative. I think every female with anxiety and stress issues should read it.

    Anxiety is so annoying and hard to it's really hard to pinpoint triggers. Mine is usually totally out of the blue.