1. I've been through a lot these past few weeks. I packed up my room, left my parents and my cats and my friends at work and even the country and now I'm living out of a suitcase in my aunt's house while job hunting and preparing to move into my new apartment.

    I've been wanting to do this for the LONGEST time. I've been living at home (Lexington, MA) ever since I graduated from college and I needed to get OUT of there. I've always dreamed of living in Toronto and now I am and it's really freaking me out.

    So much so that I'm uncontrollably scratching three fingers of my left hand (and they're not even itchy.) So now they look gross, because they look like they have little blisters all over them!
  2. You are brave to strike out on your own! Your doing what I would do if I had the guts! To have some anxiety sounds normal to me, such a big life change. Take care. I don't have alot of wisdom to give except, Believe in yourself!:flowers:
  3. It might be hard to adjust to at first, but since you always wanted to do this, things can only get better! Everyone needs a change. Plus, moving to a new country, like Canada, is pretty cool! Meditation and exercising can calm your nerves. Try talking to your family or a close friend about this, too. Good luck with everything and have fun!
  4. *hugs* It's normal to have anxiety when you're stepping out on your own for the first time! Once you get you're own place and get settled, you'll feel a lot better. Also, I agree with purplekitty22! Try some meditation. :yes:
  5. I've been DREAMING of leaving Maryland since I graduated from college. I envy you! We all worry about our future. But you know what? Life is what it is. We live and do things that we are either pleased or disappointed with. In the end, life continues and you are still there to make the necessary adjustments in order to survive. YOU ARE FINE. I am trying to do something really big that will totally change my life forever and it TOTALLY FREAKS ME OUT!! I need to rid of myself of the fears I have that are blocking my evolution. YOU WILL DO FINE!! YOU ARE STRONG, COURAGEOUS, AND WILL SUCCEED. Once you believe this, you will skate through life. Good Luck in your new adventure!:flowers:
  6. Whenever you make any kind of big life decision you are going to have some sort of anxiety over it. The trick is to MANAGE the anxiety. Just take one day at a time. When your faced with a whole new life, it can seem bigger than you are, but when you take one day as it's much easier for you to manage. Be proud of yourself for taking the step you've wanted to take and also use your nervous energy for fixing anything up, or exercising, or walking, anything to help you expel that extra adreneline. Many people never take the step you've taken. They just stay where they are without ever trying to take that step should be very proud of yourself! Good luck!!
  7. Not too long ago I was having terrible problems with anxiety...its gone now. You just have alot of changes going will pass...doesnt it suck at the time...HAATE IT.
  8. Have you thought of maybe taking a yoga class, usually the colleges and high schools will have them for low fees. Anxiety is normal and it will pass like a wave. I have moved many times and I get anxiety before the move but once I move I feel like it is a new start and so exciting. Try to put cream on your fingers, you can get a infection from scratching. Have you made any friends? I think once you start a job everything will fall into place. Good luck and keep a journal on your life, you will be amazed to see how you have grown in the process.
  9. Great advice! I am a huge fan of journaling to capture my rants, raves and put things in perspective (password-protected word document on my computer). Take things day by day - even hour by hour if you have to. I'm sure there are other tPF members in your new area who can also suggest places to check out around town! :wlae: