Antsy Pants

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  1. #1 Jul 22, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2009
    Ladies - I'm getting antsy...I ordered from the last sale, paid on June 29, but haven't seen anything to show it in production...I know that the sale is a bit hectic but do you know how long it usually takes to get a bag?

    I am *so* excited. I really, really want to see and hold and use my Francis! (that sounds icky)...I did email Maria but I know she's a bit busy. Is anyone else still waiting on sale #1?
  2. I finalized my order on 6/26. I ordered 4 bags. As of yesterday only one of my bags was under construction, the rest were not yet.

    So if they went in date order, you may still have a bit of a wait!
  3. Thanks, good to know. I am typically impatient with purchases so this will be a good learning experience for me. I will get to experience patience, anticipation, frustration, and have to deal with it without having a fit...kinda like taking the same advice that I give my kids:hrmm:
  4. I paid on 6/25 and have not heard anything yet. I think the order I made prior to that, which was not during a sale, took over a month before they shipped. I'm okay with the wait - I'd rather my bag be made well than made fast.
  5. Oh I am not complaining about the wait, this is my first Ignes and I just wanted to know how long it took...just very excited...I've contemplated many bags for a laptop bag before deciding on the francis.

    And, Maria emailed and my bag will be ready to ship by end of next week. yay!
  6. yay!!! We all get antsy about the wait. It can be 3-4 weeks but sometimes takes longer. Then you have to buy a bunch of bags in the meantime, it's part of the whole experience. hee hee lol
  7. I second that.... I don't even have my first four yet and going to order two or three during this sale!
  8. Ahh, the WAIT

    It's part of the Ignes experience!
  9. Any word on her? Perhaps she is out drinking before leaving her friends behind? Kind of reminds me of the party in Reno when Goldenbleu went out of business; tracking put dozens of bags in Reno for DAYS.
  10. I am starting to get antsy pants too! I can't wait to see my Virginias!
  11. I was just thinking about those virginias and wondering when we will get to see them!! woo hoo!