1. Today was my morning to "sleep in" of course there had to be a morning crisis to get me up bright and early! Hubby was getting ready for work and went into the kitchen to find a trail of ants! Well, maybe more like a pod of ants. I have no idea where they are coming in....I have never seen ants in here before! Help! :sos:
  2. What type of ants? Are they small red ants or "sweet ants" or are they large black carpenter ants?
  3. we had ants a few months ago-I had to treat the area like 8 times before we got rid of them...They are VERY hard to get rid of..I found a gel you stick in door cracks and window sill that works Target...My exterminator even said its the best stuff..try it...
  4. I used to have them too the foundation was sprayed and this year we haven't had any. I have to say I hate them ewwwwwwwwwwwww.
  5. Hi! We are going through the same thing right now!!! Ewww. I hate ants so much. Will try the gel stuff. Thanks Jill and good luck Et! :flowers:
  6. I kid you not, I think the city I live in was built on an ant hill. We always used to have a problem with ants until....I let little spiders live in my house. I know it sounds strange but these little spiders build webs wherever the ants are coming in and it eventually works to keep them out. All around my doors and window sills they live.
  7. I hate ants. Every year, this year included, we get ants in our bathrooms? of all places. I put down those ant food trap thingies where they take the bait back to the nest & it kills the whole colony. They work great.
  8. since i'm in the South, we're used to bugs of all sorts (and sizes!) attempting to inhabit our homes. we get ants every now and then, and the best thing i can tell you to do is get some Raid for ants and spray it around doors to the outside, window sills, seams in outside walls, etc. and then make sure all the food in your house is secured in the cupboard or fridge. we all get used to leaving bananas, a loaf of bread, or the sugar jar on the counter, but ants love that stuff! the more secluded it is, the better.
  9. If they are the odorous house ants (they are usually found in bathrooms & kitchens) they are very hard to get rid of yourself. I would call a pest control company & if they are on your counter remove everything under your sink in the kitchen & bathrooms b/c they are attracted to the water. If you have other seasonal pest such as crickets, spiders, etc then you might want to get on a quarterly programs were they come out 4 times a year to prevent the pests from invading your home. Just a thought.
  10. Okay...just got back from Target, armed with the Raid spray and eight of those plastic food traps where the ants take the poison back to the colony (wherever that is) the ant population is now being handled! I just have to be really careful with the spray, because apparently my cats find the ants fascinating and Greebo likes to roll in water/damp areas, so I don't need him rolling in poison then grooming himself!

    Oh, and they are little ants...maybe a dark reddish or brown/black, but not large. I have no idea what kind. Just regular small ants. I feel like there are things crawling all over me now! Eww!

    Thanks everyone!
  11. My mom uses borox acid mixed with sugar to get rid of her pet cockroaches (they are HUGE) AND ants. SHe has had both for YEARS and finally tried the borox acidw/sugar and she has not have a problem in months. SHe read that since sugar is in there, the ants/roaches take it back home to the others and they all dye. I kind you not, since I was a kid there has always been creatures around the house, we used to have the house professionaly exterminated, we used the gel traps, everything possible and a simple solution like the borox acid/sugar fixed it. I think you could find it at Lowes and HD.
  12. We occasionally get ants (once every few years).

    You can get rid of them fairly easily and humanely; just make a trail of food crumbs leading outside and then once they've left, feed them for a few days outside!

    They don't seem to come back.

    Much easier and more effective than trying to kill them all, in my experience! :biggrin:
  13. oh, i'm in asia.
    ants in EVERYWHERE...
    i always keeps my dining table clean though so it's kinda made them think twice to migrate to my home.
    i usually use ant spray... :P
  14. OMG!!!! My kitchen had like a swarm of those itty bitty baby ants.

    I spent Monday on the attack killing them with air freshener as I didn't have like bug killing spray. But it was a sad sight me implenting death on them.
  15. Eeeek...I would rather have ants than spiders. I'm totally scared of spiders. Usually when we have ants we just get those little traps where they take the poison back to the colony too. Good luck getting rid of them!