Antracite GH City, I'm finally happy!!

  1. I just started the thread on the antracite GH day, which I changed my mind on. I just don't think the day is me, so I'm selling her. Anyway, today I went to Saks and was planning to buy the antra RH city when I saw the antra GH city.:drool: Here she is and I LOVE her! The first 2 are in direct sunlight.
    antracitynoflash.jpg antracitywithflash.jpg antracity2.jpg
  2. Yay! I'm glad you're found the perfect one! (How else will you find the perfect 2, 3, 4?) Sometimes it really takes trying things out to find what you really like.

  3. The day looked fab on you too but if you like the City better then big congrats again.:yahoo:
  4. Wow! Love that bag! Congrats! Modeling pics?
  5. Kl- I loved the day on you, but what matters is what you like. Anthra w/ Gh is really cool. Your Dh must have stayed home today! Good work Girl!

    BTW, those pugs are pugalicious!
  6. She's a beauty....model, model, model pics!;)
  7. I don't mean to spoil it by any means, but I think that the leather on your day was better? Or is it just the pics?
  8. The leather on the day was much smoother and less distressed, but they are both thick and smooshy. I prefer the distressed look, so I actually like the city's leather better. I think most Balenicaga fans would prefer the day's smooth leather though.
  9. Glad to hear that :smile: I personally really like the city but thought that the leather on your day was TDF!
  10. so glad you found the one you love. your bag is gorgeous.
  11. This one is gorgeous too!! Glad you found the one that was right for you... now if I only I could decide on my first one! lol
  12. The day's leather is pretty. Here is a pic of the day in the same lighting today.
  13. Great look,
  14. gosh, that day looks so smooshy:smile:
  15. Congrats its always good when we can find a bag we truly love