Antony with or without front pocket?

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  1. Hello,

    I can't decide wether to get the choco Antony with the front pocket from Mulberry direct or to get it without the pocket from the Outlet...Which looks best?
  2. Personally I like the front pocket. Not that's it's particularly big or useful i just think it's a nice feature. Handy for putting a train or parking ticket in!!!
  3. i too prefer the one with the pocket. it looks a bit bare without the pocket.
  4. Me too. I got a Chocolate Antony from as I prefer the look of the front pocket.

    The ones at Bicester only seemed to be the Oak colour - not chocolate.
  5. front pocket.
  6. I have one of both and would definitely prefer the one with the pocket. In fact I am about to give my pocketless one away to my mum in law as I don't use it at all
  7. Without for me, mainly because the front pocket would be an extra £60 pounds!
  8. I like the front pocket, it looks nice and is big enough for cards and tickets. That said, the outlet price is tempting - and another reason to buy an outlet Anthony would be to get one of the colours you can't get in the regular shops. I would love a black or choco Anthony with front pocket, and then perhaps one in stone from the outlets as a summer messenger...
  9. Aesthetically I prefer how an Antony looks with a pocket but I purchased one from the outlet without the pocket. I know if I bought it from the website and paid full price for it I would be worry about it becoming bashed when the whole point of me buying that particular style was for it to be a bit of a workhorse bag for when I'm out and about with my niece. I need it to be able to take some hammering without me being overly concerned how it's being treated.