Antony - Which Colour?

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  1. Hi Ladies

    Need your opinion. DF has said that he will buy me an Antony for my bday this month and I can't decide between the Burgandy or Oak.

    I have been trying to think about usage and what colours they would go with and have come up with Oak being the most neutral colour that will go with mostly everything. On the other hand, I love Burgandy as red is my fav colour and the silver hardware is v appealing.

    I wish I could have both but I am on a ban and I couldn't ask DF to get me both so I need your help to decide.

    What do you think?

    Stefy x
  2. I'd say oak. so pleased i sold my black one and got an oak one- it's v easy to wear all year round. The burgundy seems a bit of a wintry colour to me.
  3. Oak is a lovely colour and I almost nearly got one when I was at the airport coming home, but stopped myself as it was £185 and I am always telling myself that they are £136 in the outlets so you are better off getting from there.

    I am lusting after Burgandy after having seen and heard about Lady Farquar's Burgandy.

    Oh I don't know, am so bad at picking/choosing/deciding takes me forever!
  4. Hi Stephy

    I'm going to have to say burgundy, having used mine for the first time today, however, looking at your wishlist it ought to be oak?

    Excuse my ignorance, but what's a 'Smithy' like? If it's too similar size etc, that may sway you to buy burgundy instead? Eg. I already have 2 oak bags so didn't want one in oak.
  5. Doh!

    Only just noticed your signature also says 'or Burgundy Antony' :rolleyes:
  6. Stefy- stop thinking with your head. What colour do you love more when you look at them. Sounds to me like you really want the burgundy. The oak Antony's are going to be around for a long time.....
  7. Im keeping out of this one because they are both gorgeous. The ONLy thing that may be worth Burgundy a temporary colour that is only being sold for a limited time esp with the Silver hardware?

    Oak will probably be around for longer!

  8. Smithy (Smithfield) was my first Mulberry purchase and I still love it. I don't think it is similar though. The thing with the Antonys for me is that I use them as weekend bags or if I want to carry light, holiday bags.

    I was lusting after Oak before as I have one in Black I see that as a Winter colour, so I decided that I wanted an Oak for Summer.

    Burgandy has always been one that I have wanted ever since I tried to get one in last years sale.
  9. Get the BURGUNDY!!!!!!
  10. This is a tough one. I would normally say Oak but that's because its my favourite Mulberry colour (and its on my wishlist too!), however, you do seem to love the Burgundy.

    What is your wardrobe like? What colours do you normally wear? That could possibly help you - I think that Oak is quite a summery colour whereas Burgundy is more wintery.

    Also, bear in mind that if you buy a new Oak Antony, it will have a darker brown strap NOT a cream strap.

    Sorry - I haven't actually helped much have I? haha

  11. 110% with Ellie on this one, but have seen plum at outlets with silver hw and also vintage choccy with silver hw which was tdf.:graucho:
    I am not helping am ?:P
  12. Lol thanx Jo, you are right I think I am leaning towards Burgandy more and also you are right again in that Oak will always be around as it is a classic.

    Ellie you are also right about Burgandy what with the silver hardware being something that is different to the others.

    OK Burgandy it is :biggrin:

    Thanx ladies, now just need to ring around the outlets and see which ones have any left.
  13. Yep, having read the rest of the posts (since it took me a long time to type mine out and post it), I have to agree with Jo - you really want the Burgundy so get that one.

    If, later on, you decide you want Oak - you should still be able to get one, but Burgundy might not be available.
  14. Oh - I know exactly how you're feeling, as I got my burgundy one last Sunday, then had sleepless nights wondering whether I'd be better off with a choc one!
    Then I kept looking at it and decided to get a Choc Somerset shoulder aswell!!

    Without being rude, do you think your DH would stump up for both, if you could get them at outlet price, or if you went for pre-loved? It wouldn't be much more than one oak one from the website?
  15. yay- decision made!!!