Antony Surprise!!!! What a great bag? Who would have thunk it?

  1. Hi Mulberry Gals! I bought a black Antony on my New York trip a few weeks ago... which I thought I would use for handsfree travel or day tripping -- and I started using it in my daily life, and: this bag is brilliant! It is an unsung hero. It actually holds more than you think. It looks fab/chic/swell. And I'm finding that I'm loving it a whole lot more than I ever imagined! So, it was a surprise to me! I changed into it for a shopping trip to the mall, and I never changed out of it. Just wanted to share with you all and perhaps open your eyes to this bag, if you never considered it. It is a great response to the "heavy" Mulberry issue. You get your light Mulberry fix.:okay:
    P.S. Also, easy on the wallet...
  2. such a nice affirmation! I was actually thinking of getting an antony but am wavering between the antony and the antony messenger (the latter being bigger).

    did you see the antony messenger IRL too? is it much bigger?

  3. I thought the Antony messenger was too close in size to my Gucci messenger. So I wanted to get something really on the small size. The Antony messenger is quite a lot bigger than the Antony -- surprisingly so. I thought, when I went into the shop, that I would be attracted to the Antony Messenger, but it looked too big and the proportions weren't right. There are also many other messenger styles...Perry, Somerset, etc. But I think the Antony just looks terrific. Let me know what you decide.
  4. Thanks for sharing your experience with Anthony! So glad you love your bag - I have been eyeing the smaller Anthony on and off, maybe I should take a look again... It looks really everyday-chic with boots and jeans, and I can imagine that it holds your daily needs. Would be a very practical bag to travel with, too. :yes:
  5. TropicalGal - does yours have a thick canvas strap? The factory shop had quite a few Antonys (choc, black, ginger, & oak) and I was tempted as I want a hands free bag. I just wasn't sure about the strap, whether it looked too young for me (I'm 44). How are you finding yours?
    What was interesting was the bag came in different leathers in each colour, something I'd not seen before. They were selling for £136, a pretty good price.
  6. Sarajane: yes, I do have the thick canvas strap. I got the black Antony, and the strap is black. So it looks chic -- and I'm in my 50's. However, there were other colors of Antony, that had different colored straps from the color leather of the bag and that made the bag look too sporty, funky and young. So my suggestion is, if your Antony is all one color, it works for the older, chic factor.
    At first I didn't think I'd like the canvas strap. It was stiff and casual looking. But with use, it got soft. It blends in and doesn't seem so "canvasy" if you know what I mean. A leather strap would have been better though, no doubt about it. I don't know why they put canvas on it. That said, again, if you get a bag which has the same color strap as body leather, it works as a chicer bag. Hope this helps.
  7. I would love to have a small bag like the Antony, however, I would prefer the leather strap. I believe the Joel is the one that I liked. Would make a great bag to travel with!!!
  8. I love my Antony- thinking of getting a joel too - maybe at the meet in May!
  9. This is one of my top five bags and the last for me to purchase. Glad to hear that it is working so well for you!
  10. TropicalGal - thanks for the info. The factory shop had a lot of Antonys in different colours and the black with black strap was definitely my favourite. Good to hear the strap softens as that was what put me off, it seemed rather stiff. I loved the size and look of the bag & it sat v comfortably on my hip. Def on my list for 2008.
  11. mine too! thanks tropical gal!