1. Does anyone watch??

    Did you think jade was phoney at the judging ???

    I liked brooke but she was plucking my nerve worrying so much
  2. what is antm?
  3. Americas Next Top Model !!!lol!
  4. I thought she was PHONY!!!! Cant stand her! its a pity cuz she is a good model!
  5. her crying was soso fake (especially obvious compared to her real tears upon seeing her mother)......and brooke was just waaaay too insecure for my was kind of endearing at first but :Push:
  6. Ugh, I hate Jade with a passion. Everything about her is just so.....urgh! Every time she's on the screen, I just think "Pleeeeaaaaase let this be the week you leave! Go away!"

    I wish Brooke would have had more confidence with her shoots and all:sad:
  7. If you were REALLY crying, would you be clutching your stumach and acting all melodramatic? NO. You would try to remain as normal as possible and just let the tears drop down your face.

    Absolutely loved it when the judges called her out on her crappy acting. LOL

    I HATE jade w/ a passion. I'd be so happy to see her get kicked off, but part of me thinks she'll be sticking around for a long time.

    Is it just me, or have most of the other antm winners had short hair? I guess that narrows this season down to jade and nenna...
  8. i can't stand jade. i haven't liked her since they released the model's pictures on the website before the show started.
  9. i hate jade too..its too bad she takes good pics and they keep her. and what's with her eyebrows? they look like fuzzy catapillars
  10. screw her eyebrows, what's with her face?
  11. Jade looks completey like a transvestite - harsh features and everything.
    I was sad to see Brooke go, but i guess she needs to grow up a bit.

    Also, I was happy to see Joanie go to the dentist - she really seemed to appreciate the whole thing despite the long painful process.

    But was anyone else irked by Tyra and the judges when they told Danielle that she needed to get her gap fixed too? It's not like hair where it can just grow back, and I thought it was great to see Danielle stand up for herself.
  12. i understand danielle is a brand new nobody model and all, but if lauren hutton fixed her teeth, no one would know who she is.
  13. Jade is a character and a half..her crying was hilarious...I really did like Brooke, but I agree with the judges...and Danielle should keep her gap!!! I knew she would want to keep it, but I guess its going to be gone soon..she will look so different. All in all, I dont really like any of the remaining 6...they are all blahhhhhhhhhhh
  14. i love antm! i used to be rooting for nnena but the way she's been acting has turned me off from her (but i guess you only know what they shoe rite?) I like sarah, joanie and danielle out of the ladies who are left.

    furonda just annoys me for some reason and jade..gah! she's so arrogant i don't think her pictures are nice at all. her crappy attitude shows through them!
  15. I agree that Danielle shouldn't be forced to close the gap between her teeth. It adds character to her face. As for Jade, I know she'll be sticking around till the end...I just feel it. Who else will be the instigator/Type A that everyone loves to hate. This is TV people. They probably already know who they want to win.