ANTM Tyra and Salieha's Long History?????

  1. This has been all over the internet and Jeezbel has proof. Tyra mnetioned that Dora the Tootie went to her t-zone camp. But she never mentioned that Dora modeled on the show duting cycle 8 and was a model on Tyra's show. if Saliesha had the talent I would say fine she deserves it but her pictures have been sucky to mediocure and the tootie hair cut? Fair or no fair? And doesn't the show have a clause on past experience?
  2. yuck i hate her!!!!! she's even faker than bianca
  3. I'm sure Tyra can choose to forget about the clause if she likes the girl. She obviously favored Dora right from the beginning. Dora has also done commercials. She was a working model before she was on ANTM. It's all over the internet.
  4. from Wilkepedia
    Saleisha Stowers, (born May 28, 1986 in Los Angeles, California), was the winner of America's Next Top Model, Cycle 9. As part of her prize, Stowers won a contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics and will appear on the cover of Seventeen magazine. She also won a $100,000 contract with Elite Model Management. Before becoming a contestant on America's Next Top Model, she was a receptionist. Stowers was a former camp member at T-Zone, which is ANTM creator and host Tyra Bank's camp for girls. Before appearing on Cycle 9, Stowers also appeared in a Wendy's commercial with actor Tom Lenk for the Jalapeño Chedder Double Melt hamburger, an ANTM Cycle 6 episode, and as a model on the Tyra Banks Show for fashion designer Rami Kashou.[1] Many viewers have commented that her previous modeling experience, specifically with the Wendy's national ad, should have made her ineligible to complete in the competition according to the requirements for entry.[2] Saleisha's win has left many fans wondering if Saleisha was favored throughout for the sole reason that she participated in Tyra's T-Zone camp. Many fans of the show also believe that Saleisha was favored by Tyra, Nigel Barker, and Twiggy.
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    Yup that's Dora
  7. she did model on Tyra's show...look:

  8. He's the guy on Project Runway!!!!!!
  9. If I were the other contestants I would be seriously PISSED off. But then again its Tyra's show so what can you do. Nepotism is just human nature and no surprise that Tyra picked one of her friends to win the comp. I would NOT like to get on Tyra's bad side - she is a bit scary.

    Tyra WILL NOT justify her decision to anyone nor be swayed by anyone. Remember when the ANTM writers went on strike a few seasons ago because they wanted a basic medical and dental plan ? She just sacked them all.

    Yes that is Rami from Project Runway - I hope Christian wins !
  10. wow thats messed model is getting played out though the first few cycles were the best but the newer cycles seems like tyra just picks her favorite right from the beginning and who she wants to win
  11. :tdown: Chantal should have had it. She's a covergirl. Believable and real. Not that other girl, who obviously won because of past experience and a relationship with Tyra. She wouldn't have been there in the first place.
  12. i rather jenah had won, chantal was boring....(the sterotypical pretty blonde, blahh...) :sleepy:
  13. Yeah it seems like she picked Jaslene to win from ANTM 8 too.