ANTM: Twiggy’s Out, Paulina’s In

  1. November 27, 2007

    It’s like elimination night on America’s Next Top Model: Paulina Porizkova, the Czech-born supermodel, will replace current model judge Twiggy in the upcoming 10th cycle of The CW show.
    According to the Hollywood Reporter, the iconic ’60s model, who joined the show in cycle 5, is leaving because of scheduling conflicts.
    “Having an icon like Twiggy lend us her considerable expertise has elevated our show to a whole new level,” executive producer Ken Mok said. “We wish her well in her endeavors and hope to collaborate with her in future cycles of ANTM as well as other projects.”
    Meanwhile, Porizkova, who began modeling at age 15 and has graced the covers of dozens of magazines (including Sports Illustrated), is no stranger to the industry—or to the harsh world of reality TV competition. She had the dubious honor of being the first contestant eliminated from the fourth season of Dancing with the Stars.
    Aaron Parsley

  2. Oh, I like that they are having someone new. I remember her at the top as the face of Estee Lauder, then marrying the guy from "The Cars". She's still beautiful too. Not that I have anything against Twiggy
  3. Interesting!
  4. interesting good to know thanks for posting!
  5. I was hoping they replaced Tyra...but it's her show isn't it.
  6. ^ lol...aww i'm gonna miss Twiggy
  7. I liked it most when KLS and janice Dickenson were on.
  8. Good.They need to switch it up a bit.
  9. I def agree a switch up was in order, but I hope this new woman stirs things up a bit more. Janice was SO over the top and Twiggy was so demure.

    Who do you think should have replaced Twiggy???
  10. Rupaul:wlae:
  11. ^^ OMG that would be great!!! :roflmfao:
  12. I'm telling you, it would work. I don't watch the show, but if you put him on, I'd watch that shiz.
  13. That would be one heck of a comeback for him (her?)! I bet a lot of people would watch just for him.
  14. I liked twiggy.....
  15. cool for paulina, she needs to get back in the spotlight.