ANTM, New Cycle starts tonight!

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  1. Any of you ladies watch America's Next Top Model?

    I can't get enough of these skinny, beautiful giants and their never ending drama. I'm liking some of the girls so far, but haven't warmed up to anyone just yet. I really hate the girl "dani" she's ruining my name!
  2. I love's my guilty secret!:shame:
  3. I love it too :shame:
  4. watching it right now.....and that dani girl is extremely obnoxious.....not racist my ass.....
  5. Oh nooo no spoilers pleaseeee it starts in 2 hours here in the west coast :P
  6. Jade is a little obnoxious...dont cha think???
  7. I hate to say this.....but this is not the prettiest group of girls...the other cycles were alot better looking
  8. I think they'll grow on me. I still think that Elyse(sp?) from cycle 1 was one of the best girls they've ever had.

    Also, while not photogenic, Anne was the best looking runway model ever ( from the cycle that eva won)
  9. I agree...Anne was smokin!!!!
  10. I love this show too! Its an addiction for me for sure!!
  11. Do you think he is going to make them go bald??? AH!
  12. i cant imagine that...all those girls with long hair....OMG!!!
  13. bald wigs, ugh, does jay think its funny, NO!
  14. haha, one girl said she looks like a penis with ears. OMG !!!!!
  15. minnie we should just IM about this all night!!!!!
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