ANTM-Naima is this a new trend thick eyebrows...

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. holy poop! what a mess! Why on earth, if your public image is your livelyhood would you turn up to what is clearly a big event, with a red carpet & lots of press, looking like that!!? And I don't just mean the eyebrows! the whole thing is a mess!

    Get a hairbrush girl! And get off your cell phone! Do you know how conceited that makes you look???
  3. LOL. I bet it's a Cingular phone. Look at the background.:roflmfao:
  4. I hadn't noticed that! oops! I was too blinded by her godawful appearence.

    But gosh!!! Their marketing people need firing if they really think a mess like that is going to increase sales of their product!
  5. Busy eyebrows were the rage in the 80s (think Brooke Shields) so it would not surprise me if that became the norm again.
  6. I think she looks a hot mess. Looks like a photo from 1981, especially with her Micahel Jackson "Thriller" video hair hanging in her face. That is one look that I will NOT be embracing if it makes a come back. Wow.
  7. And Jennifer Connelly, OH MAN! Remember her eyebrows back in the day? She 'bout had the thickest unibrow LOL
  8. The hair is a mess and the eyebrows are a bonus!
  9. she also has some pretty ugly hands lol

    but she IS america's so called 'top' model so i guess we shouldn't hate on her,


    i will assume she was home doing laundry, taking out the trash, and cleaning up in the attic before realizing she was horribly late for this event LOL
  10. hmm, no comment on her outfit but at least her eyebrows are natural looking and not plucked to 2 millimeters thick. i don't think they look too bad.
  11. What happened to Naima? She was so stunning with her ultra-short hair.
  12. I don't think she looks that bad. Some people look better with thicker eyebrows. Her makeup is very natural here. And I don't see why her hands are ugly. If this is a red carpet event though, she is a bit dressed down.

  13. hm I agree a bit.. alot of models also have bushy brows ..most of them do not get them done.
  14. [​IMG][​IMG]

    This is an improvement.
  15. Not a big fan of bushy eyebrows... I'll leave that for the men