ANTM Jaslene's cover shoot for Seventeen magazine

  1. [​IMG]

    All I can say is...blah, eww and so what? :tdown:

    It is boring and her mouth looks funny and it is just plain..nothing spectacular or nice about it. They made her chin look funny by airbrushing her butt chin out of it. LOL. I just dont like it. What in the world were the judges thinking when they voted her over Natasha? Can you imagine how pretty of a cover they would have it Natasha was on the cover? Here were her other pics they were choosing between:

    Doesnt she look like a man in every single picture?

    That season finale still makes my blood boil! :cursing:
  2. That picture just does not do ANYTHING for her.

    She's actually really really pretty IMO and most of her pictures on ANTM were completely gorgeous!

    I guess someone at Seventeen doesn't like her LOL!
  3. Yeah. Thumbs down to it too. I didn't want either one to win this season - but this cover does absolutely nothing. I agree, her mouth looks off.
  4. That cover pic is awful. She is not pretty enough to be a cover model IMO.
  5. Natasha would have rocked it. *sigh*
  6. That should be "Drag-teen" mag instead. I don't like it.
  7. Nice guy !
  8. Sweet Natasha got jipped!
  9. I didn't really think the pics were that bad myself. I guess I'm in the minority here.
  10. How on earth did this one win? Not really pretty, not articulate...don't get it. Is Tyra losing her touch?
  11. Yeah, I'm not feeling it. I wish Natasha won.
  12. I don't watch ANTM but I've seen pics of Jaslene...she is pretty homely in my opinion. Mannish and kinda evil-looking.
  13. She kind of looks like the grinch. Are Natasha's photos available online?