ANTM goes on forever !

  1. Hi, I love ANTM but the show goes on forever. I dont know if its the same in the US but here in the UK we get one after the other and Im sooooo mixed up. They replay all seasons sometimes at once :wtf: I just dont know whats going on, one cycle ends and a week later we have the next cycle.
  2. Acutally, they showed just started showing the UK version in the US recently. It is only 2 hour recaps. And yes, they do show marathons here.
  3. Your version is 100% percent better than ours. I have watched every single ANTM that I could and enjoyed it but I never watch our version. They keep showing ANTM your version over and over again here and once a cycle is over, they show another one. I never know where Iam with it lol ! :wtf: :nuts: