Antique & Vintage Jewelry

  1. I think history makes everything more beautiful. :smile: My mom is an antique addict and I got a little bit of that in my blood. I love getting vintage (true vintage...pre-1960s) and antique beads and jewelry. My mom's whole house is full of old and antique furniture too.

    All the pieces you guys posted are fantastic! I especially LOVE that ring, westipup. Gorgeous!
  2. :love: Alright...this is my engagement ring...the story (I will keep it short)!

    My father didn't have enough money to buy my mom an engagement ring so he made a 3 prong Silver 1930's British Fork (yes, the eating kind) into my mother's ring...hence the three prongs...

    Then, with my father & mother's permission, my husband had a 39 B.C. Marc Antony coin that he got in Rome (two years before proposing:love: ) & sodered it to my mother's ring with my father. He had it carbon dated & authenticated before all of this of course...:shame: and this is my engagement ring!:flowers: :flowers:
    ma2.jpg ma3.jpg ma4.jpg ma6.jpg ma7.jpg
  3. thompk- that is really awesome! is your dad a sculptor or engineer?

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  4. I need to ask my dad how old these are, because he was the one that obtained them. I know they are super old- especially the one without any jewels. Handcrafted from gold.

    My sister has a very impressive collection of antique beads, but I can't photograph them without her permission.. so... bummer. Glass beads are awesome to collect, because they are cheap and really pretty. They cost more than the typical mass-produced bead, but they're so irregular in shape and color- it makes it all the more merrier... I'll get around to photographing those...
    IMG_6945.JPG IMG_6948.JPG IMG_6951.JPG IMG_6952.JPG
  5. I love vintage jewelry, especially if they belonged to my grandmother. She gave me an amber brooch last year, and then a diamond ring for my wedding. Will post pictures.
  6. Shopmom411: can we see a close-up, please??! :yes:
  7. Oh ladies, you all have some really nice pieces.

    fryedaze - I love the enamel pieces, they are stunning!

    How amazing is that? Part of the fun of collecting must be in the hunt!

    shopmom411 - That's a beautiful piece, I'd love to see a close-up too.

    thompk - what a lovely band! OMG! You have the most unique engagement ring I've ever seen. Your father is a genius to even think of making an e-ring out of a fork and then to execute it with such perfection... WOW! And your DH, he's making me cry! What a family treasure your e-ring is.

    mlertpac - Gorgeous rings! Is that a natural ruby in the second ring?
  8. :yes: yup it is,... in old fashioned rose cut. :heart: I'm guessing it's a ruby from thailand, before they were all dug up and sold!
  9. i loveeee vintage jewelry.
    i think it's gorgeous.
  10. this is the sweetest story ever...and a good looking ring too! :smile:
  11. He's going to kill me for this...but he is damn cute:love: !!! Let's not tell him that I put a pic of him up on the PF!!! Otherwise he is going to be a PHH!! & Thanks SO much for the complements...

    My dad is an artist like myself...I am more of drawing and painting...and he can do or make ANYTHING...I will post pics of my mom & dad's wedding bands that he pounded out of two european gold coins...he is just amazing...and my husband...well, the story says it all!!:shame:

    me & jon jugs wed cr.jpg
  12. a good looking couple to match the good looking ring! i love couple guys look so happy! :biggrin:
  13. Beautiful items- and cool stories behind them!

    I'm sure I've mentioned that I do a lot of repair and redesigning of engagement settings, vintage and estate pieces. I've come across amazing Chopard sets ($500k) and breathtaking diamond necklaces.
    Although they might not be my style, they are lovely to look at and work with.
    Here are some things I have worked on or have:
    These are vintage pendants I repaired and put on chains I made:
    Glass& 14k solid gold bonsai tree/ 14K Gold and Carved Lapis Elephant.
    18K early 1940's Pink Gold necklace
  14. That is awesome!
    I love antique jewelry...I have my grandmothers high school ring, from 1924, and I treasure it. It looks brand new, she must have taken very good care of it. When I was younger, she used to let me wear it...when she died, my father gave it to me :flowers: .
  15. I love antique and vintage jewelry. Unfortuntely, I do not own any pieces ... yet. I absolutely love those earings! Where do you find antique/vintage jewelry for sale?