Antique & Vintage Jewelry

  1. Anyone else a fan of antique and vintage jewelry?

    Here's my latest find. Best I can date these earrings judging from style, materials and motif (using info in Warman's) is late 1800's / early 1900's. They're enameled in cobalt blue on 14K gold. American made.

    Please show me your treasures! :yes:
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  2. OMG I LOVE THOSE!!!! Bees are "my" motif. Stunning!!
  3. Those are beautiful! Can you show us what else you have?

    I love vintage/antique jewelry too, unfortunately the ones I like tend to be quite expensive, so I only have this one piece. It's a deco era ring and was a 'push' present from DH.

    The center stone isn't big, but the small surrounding diamonds makes the ring a little more substantial.:smile:
    #52 diamond and platinum deco ring.JPG
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  4. Gorgeous ring, westiepup! Just beautiful! :yes:

    I'll take some pictures of other pieces this weekend and post them - nothing as elegant as your ring, however! :p
  5. OK, here are some more.

    I love enamel on metal. These are vintage pieces from Norway circa 1940-50. It is set on sterling silver which has been gold-washed.

    The enameling process is known as (I believe) guilloche - translucent enamels on turned metal. The Scandinavian jewelry can be found in solid colors, as well as with these Viking motifs.
    7_nwaybracelet.jpg 8_nwaysuite1.jpg 9_nwaysuite2.jpg
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  6. This is a turn-of-the-century piece (circa 1900s) made from a coin. The coin was run through a press to show Mme. Liberty in relief.

    These can be found in a variety of forms - pins, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, etc. - as well as in a variety of sizes. Some are fully gold-washed -- gorgeous! I had one of those in half-dollar, but I sold it (and since regret it!).

    This one is about the size of a dime. I've shown the side so you can see how deep the relief is.
    5_libertyfront.jpg 6_libertyside.jpg
  7. My favorite category of collecting antique jewelry is antique gold nugget jewelry from the California and Klondike Gold Rushes. Most of it we keep in the bank, so I only have a few pieces around to take pictures of.

    This is an Art Nouveau brooch circa 1900 with baroque pearl and green garnets.
  8. I also collect vintage gold nugget jewelry. These pieces are both circa 1940-1950.

    The first is a 10K gold bracelet with gold nuggets and nephrite jade, and matching earrings (the earrings have had the original screw backs replaced with lever backs). I found the earrings first, and then a few years later the bracelet. They are from the same workbench - both have the same jeweler's hallmark!

    The second is one of my absolute favorites. The 14K golden egg - which is about the size of my thumb tip from the knuckle up - has applied gold nuggets on both sides, and Alaskan hemetite on one side and nephrite jade on the other. It opens to reveal an adorable eskimo!
    1_nephritesuite.jpg 3_eggclosed.jpg 4_eggopen.jpg
  9. I collect antique jewelry and those are to DIE FOR!!!! Also, those earrings look Victorian to me. The bee on the earrings was a common motif in England and was passed down over the years as a talisman amongst royalty. I know one of King Henry VIII's wives had the bee as her insignia also but I can't remember which one.
  10. I tried searching for which wife and could not find it. I do remember now that Napoleon Bonaparte also liked bees.
  11. Thanks, Roo!

    I thought they might be European when I first saw them, as well. But they are marked "14K" and not "585".

    I couldn't find a close match in Warman's but continue to look elsewhere. :p
  12. Definitely Victorian IMO. What is so interesting is that quality of those earrings is very european in nature. It is VERY hard to find peices of that quality/age in the USA. Common in Europe but not here. You definitely scored a magnificent find!
  13. I LOVE 18th century jewelery and when I find something that's in good condition I have a hard time turning it down! Here's one of my favorites and one I wear constantly. I hang it on a silk cord and have different colors which I change depending on what I'm wearing. It's from mid 1700's, rose cut diamonds encased in rose gold, possibly Portugese. I'm a slave to this piece as it captured my heart the moment I saw it....
  14. LOVE vintage jewelry!
  15. Vintage jewelry is my favorite...anything with history...I know I have posted a pic before, but here is my 1920's wedding Band...I have a few more fabulous pieces that I will take pics of...but this, for obvious reasons, is my favorite!:love: K