Antique / Vintage Engagement Rings

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  1. Not so long ago, I saw a photo of Miranda Kerr's ring. I'm not usually that interested in celebrity fashion, but I did follow through and google more views of her jewelry. Although I'm not sure if her ring is antique, it has that look. And this led to a slight obsession with antique (or replica) engagement rings.

    I know there are tons of styles of antique engagement rings. And I'm also a little fuzzy on the division between antique, vintage, and estate. From what I understood, vintage is a general old worldly look, while antique is actually an object older than 50 years and estate is simply a second-hand ring (whether 10 years old or 10 days old).

    I'm not sure that I want one for myself, but it's an option. Hope you ladies can share your pictures or thoughts on antique engagement rings :smile:
  2. I'm particularly draw to daisy-like cluster diamond rings. Big and small. There's a nice balance of girly cute and glamour.


    I like how they cover the finger without being a huge diamond (huge diamonds are awesome, but much too conspicuous for my lifestyle).

    Cool with sapphires too


    And so many options in terms of open work in the settings
  3. woww the one with the sapphire baguettes is GORGEOUS
  4. Can't have this thread without posting this photo. I would personally want a smaller ring so I could be comfortable wearing it all the time, but can't deny this is a beautiful ring.
  5. At this point, I may be venturing out of stereotypical engagement ring realm and into right-hand rings or statement rings. But there's certainly someone who would love a more special occasion ring to commemorate their engagement.

  6. Beautiful details on this .70 Carat Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
  7. It was always my understanding that vintage was a more "recent antique", so like within the last 50-60 years, a real antique was 60+ years old or based on a specific period, like art deco. Estate is just "preowned" of any era.
  8. My mom is incredibly find of vintage and antique rings. She finds a lot of lovely pieces at pawn shops and antique stores. She gets some really good deals as well. She recently got a platinum and diamond ring for $250!
  9. I know. I think so too :biggrin:

    :yes: at this point then even the mid 50s would be antique. My favourite might be Edwardian era rings. Art deco is amazing, but some of the styling is too strong and angular for me.

    Picture maybe? :graucho:
  10. I cannot even wrap my head around the 50s being antique. My brain says vintage! I keep trying to say 40s = antique, 50s on = vintage. lol...scary.
  11. Vintage refers to an item between 25-99 years old. Antique is anything over 100 years of age. Estate means an item that is less than 25 years old.

    Currently, I am vintage. :smile:
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  12. Cheers to that!
    And getting better with age like any good vintage.