Antique Rose Day Hobo 2006

  1. What's wrong with being from HK? Does a seller located in Asia mean chances of getting fake goods is higher? Anyway, lvlady, who sells a lot of authentic stuff is from HK.
  2. I think what she means that is the majority of fake bags do come from Hong Kong and that we should be careful. No, not all ebay sellers from Hong Kong sell fakes. But you have a much higher chance of buying a fake bag from a seller in Hong Kong unless youre careful. At the ebay University I attended this summer they did say most fake handbags and electronics come from Hong Kong and other asian countries.
  3. Thanks for the back-up there...Sorry if I offended anyone about the HK comment. I didn't mean it the way it reads (now that I read it back to myself)...I just thought it was strange that she culd sell 2 identical burgandy Boxes as a "personal collector". I tend to do a lot of research on a seller before I place bids and I sometimes question these things. I guess I may have my judgement clouded seeing the seller is from HK. That is wrong and I am sorry for that ;)
  4. I understand what you meant Kitegirl. I'm always cautious when a seller is from HK, because there are a lot of fake sellers from HK. But this seller seems to be fine. They've have great FB for selling Balenciagas and they all looked authentic too, so I wouldn't worry. There were a lot of boxes on sale at certain places, like Brown's Fashion, so it's possible they bought those on sale to sell. I would have questioned seeing them sell 2 identical bags also, but if their FB was good and the bags looked authentic, I wouldn't worry.
  5. Yes indeed ... "lvlady" sells authentic goods (I just got my ANIS Weekender from her ... one of my :love: DREAM :heart: bags ... and it's BEAUTIFUL!!).
  6. ^^ Oo, congrats CeeJay! An anis weekender sounds REAL nice... :heart:
  7. I love this bag. I bought this when it first came out and will never get rid of it. The color and style is the best!
  8. sooo pretty