Antique LV

  1. OK, LV monogram canvas items have been around since the late 1800's. Has anyone ever seen or heard about antique LV items being auctioned/collected?
  2. jessica simpson got a vintage monogram trunk set valued at some $75,000 i think. more or less i don't remember.. i don't follow her/etc.
  3. I bet most of those really old ones are gone.How did you know about Jessica S. paid that much? I did see a pic of her having a truck rolled out after purchasing it.
  4. she didn't pay that much.. all i know is that it was a bday gift TO HER..
  5. I would love to own an old louis vuitton trunk.

  6. :love: *sigh* Me too.:yes:
  7. i saw an antique trunk in hawaii. unless it was just a remake...
  8. oh yea. pretty oft in fact.
  9. yes, vintage stuff can fetch a pretty penny...especially trunks
  10. i was @ uni with a guy whose grandma collected luggagge and she had an amazing set of LV trunks from the 1930s. her youngest grandson used them to play house!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. :nuts: Play house?! :nuts: Lucky him if he gets to inherit those!
  12. In NY, there is an auction house, Christie's. I think a few have been sold there.
  13. Interesting that you bring that up. I was thinking of purchasing a vintage trunk from Karen Kooper but unfortunately all her trunks are sold even though that show available! :crybaby:
  14. LOL! That really does sound like a fairytale come true!
  15. does anybody have a picture of an old damier item?
    id like to see what they look like after a while..
    want to know what my keepall will look like years down the road