Antique Leather Mabel

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  1. I'm on the verge of buying my first Mabel - chocolate antique leather. However, I'm not 100% sure I like the leather as it seems a bit flimsy compared to Darwin etc. What are your views? Is it cheaper that the usual Mulberry leathers (it looks it!!) Thanks for your advice.
  2. My aqua Mabel is made of antiqued leather and I like it very much. It is lightweight and souple. Totally different to Darwin, but easy in use because not so sensitive to rain.
  3. I agree with Bagcrazy, it is totally different to Darwin. It is a robust, hardwearing leather in my opinion.
  4. I have a couple of bags in antique leather and I really like it, as once it wears in, it's nice and soft and develops a great character. PLus it's nice and lightweight, so it doesn't weigh a tonne before you've even put anything in it :smile:
  5. i love my aqua mabel in antique leather..its my most used mulberry!
  6. Hello cazz!

    I have a Mabel in this leather and it is beautiful and lightweight, very similar to B-Bags actually. I love the look and think it is quite hardwearing.
    I know you were looking for advice, so I am going to honestly say that I don't think you should buy the antique leather. You don't seem to really like it and although love can grow, there is a chance you will never like it.

    Though the Mabel was not made in Darwin, it was made in a few other leathers. The saddle leather is now in the sale, but people do have complaints about that type as well.

    It is all down to personal taste and your OP says to me that you think it looks cheap and I don't think you can be happy at all if that is how you feel before you buy the bag.
    Buy what you love, trust me on this.