Antique Gold

  1. I saw this beautiful shade on the new Spencer and Soho hobo bags on If anyone sees this lovely shade on a bayswater, please let me know. I've already that my next bag will be a Bayswater, without question.
  2. Which color???? Is the bag antique gold or the hardware??
  3. Ooo,Tara has an antique Mabel,she can give you some advice on the color for wear etc,I'm sure she'll be by before too long,I'm not sure if they do it on the bay tho?xxxxxxxxxx I'm sure Sarajane or Jo may know,or Kroquet have you seen this on the bay in your travels??xxxx Or if any other of the ladies has been in a Mulberry store recently??xx
  4. :girlsigh::girlsigh::girlsigh:

    OMG, I almost swooned!!!!! Would love to see IRL!!! Looks amazing!!!!!
  5. OOOOOOO!!!! THAT is a stunner,my you've got great taste!!! That color on a bay would be something else!!! Try calling a Mulberry store,they have a bespoke service where I think you can have a bag made in any leather/color you like,might be worth you investigating that avenue?

    BTW,congratulations on your YSL Downtown!! In purple too! Just Gorgeous!!xx
  6. Hi I`m back I have been christmas shopping today ( GOD WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!)

    Hof is worth popping into they have 20% off at the mo and 10% off make up and stuff !

    Back to bags , Antiqued leather , Its very soft and looks amazing when softened but you do have to be quite careful as its very delicate and fragile.
    If you have lots of bags and are just adding to your collection then this is a great addition to any collection,but if you are looking for an everyday bag,this leather is not for you.
    Hope that this helps you :tup:
  7. Thanks for all your hard work!!!! After your antiqued leather description, I think I will stick to the darwin leather! Wish me luck as I am taking my Ethan to see Santa Claus tomorrow and I am sure the crowds will be horrible!! Too bad Chaz can't pop over to elbow everybody out of the way!!!!
  8. Oh god that brings back memories of last christmas , we waited ages to see father christmas , tons of people ! then when we got to see him both of my girls refused to look or speak to him :nuts:
  9. Oh I love it :biggrin: I want the Soho!!!
  10. I think the antique gold is new for 2008 as I've not seen it. Have seen the metallic bronze which I loved but it is not particularly durable so you do have to be careful with these bags. I sling mine around too much.
    Ditab has the bronze Emmy or Alana I think and I know she said it is a great colour. Would love to see the antique gold IRL.
    Stefy - I've got a choc/oak Soho and it's a brilliant style. Love the new red, just wish it wasn't ostrich!
  11. Wouldn't surprise me if they bought out a gold bayswater for SS08 !!! It must be one of the few colours I've never seen the bayswater in!
  12. Sarajane, thanks for the info on the metallic bronze. I noticed that the leather for these bags is "soft tumbled" leather so I'm hoping it will be more durable.
  13. On an informative note,I did find a Collonil spray especially for metallics,it was in Jones the Bootmakers,as I dont have any metallic bags it does'nt really apply to me,so I did'nt really give it much thought. I'm not sure how it protects metallics,maybe puts a light coating over it so it does'nt get excessivly worn?
    Sorry Tara,I sould have mentioned this two weeks ago when I found it,might be good for your mabel?:tup:
  14. The thing is I don`t want the leather to go any darker , I suppose if I spray the bag its going to darken the leather.

    Oh well I will just have to buy another bag :p