Antique Glace

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  1. I've just acquired a lovely Ledbury in Antique Glace :yahoo:
    Does anyone know if I should use Collonil on it? It looks pretty hard-wearing so maybe it's OK just to stroke it?
  2. Congrats Indiana!! Pics please!
  3. ooh lovely - what colour indi?
  4. ^^ sorry - dunno about collonil for antique glace...
  5. Hi!


    I have the care card for My Roxy in Antique Black Glace (now re-homed)it says: "We advise to regulary treat your bag with the recommended Collonil Waterspot (!), which will assist in preserving the natural characteristics of this unique leather. If the surface appears dull, rub lightly with a soft cloth. Please remove residue water with a paper towel. Should your bag get wet, pack loosely with paper and allow to dry naturally-never palce in direct heat. Please avoid rubbing against easily marked or light clothing. Special care should be taken to prevent scratching and marking, avoid placing the bag on rough or sharp surfaces."
  6. I think antique glace is ok to just stroke and admire. I have a plum ledbury and its absolutely fine in the rain.....a real hardworking leather.
  7. oooops, thanks lea-m and sorry indiana! I have never sprayed mine so I think maybe I will rush off now and quickly spray!!!! Learn something everyday :smile:
  8. Thanks Lea-m (and Cornflower!) - I'll away and spray.
    Mssw, I'm useless at this picture mullarkey (sp?), but I'll have a go later.
    Poppy, I'm a complete scaredy puss when it comes to colour so Ledbury is... um... black!
  9. OMG!!! Black antique glace ledbury sounds gorgeous!!! Fab choice and great find..hope you enjoy many outings together.
  10. Ooooo lovely Antique glace ! What colour hardware does she have ?
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    Last edited: Feb 15, 2010
  12. Beautiful! Congratulations! I acquired plum AG Roxy recently and the care card doesn't mention spraying.
  13. Thanks Teddies! Yes, a card came with mine too, and it doesn't mention spraying. But I think maybe Mulberry changed their mind (like they did with Lightweight Antiqued) and started recommending spraying willy-nilly, so to speak...!
  14. Ohhhhh its gorgeous! Really lovely Indiana :love:
  15. Thanks Miss Mabel! She's quite stiff - I suppose she'll soften up with wear.

    P.S. I'm loving your plum Roxy, Teddies...