Antique Brass Hardware - can it be cleaned?

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  1. Is the antique brass hardware actually brass? Would I be able to clean this plaque up using brasso? Or is it just coloured metal and the wear round the edge is where the colour has worn off? Thanks x

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  2. I don't know the answer but I would recommend emailing Mulberry customer services if nobody on here gets back to you
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  3. Well for anybody who wants the answer I now have it! I cleaned the brass with brasso and whilst it got all the tarnishing off it is now no longer antique brass and is now shiny brass! I’m quite happy with it as I like shiny brass and it now looks almost new - but if you prefer antique brass and want it to stay that way DO NOT clean it!!

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  4. How did you protect the leather when cleaning the brass? Looks great!
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  5. This is really interesting - wonder if it’s true for all mulberry antique brass plaques?

    Are the marks in the first picture scratches? Did treating with brasso buff them out? I’ve spent a fortune replacing mulberry plaques & badges over the years, never thought of polishing one with metal cleaner.
  6. I recently cleaned genuine brass on a vintage Dooney bag using ketchup. I put painters tape around the area to protect the leather, smeared the brass with ketchup, let is sit for half an hour, then removed with a damp cloth and dried it. It took the tarnish mostly off, but didn’t make it super shiny.
  7. I thought they were scratches but thinking now that they must have just been tarnish. There were some scratches that don’t show in that photograph and the brasso has made them barely visible - helped along by the fact that the plaque is now so shiny it hides a lot of blemishes!
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  8. I didn’t protect it, I just tried to be careful! Some of the cleaner did get onto the leather but I just wiped it immediately with baby wipes and it came straight off.
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