Antique Beaded Purse/100 years old/Italian

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  1. I have a purse that has been in the family for about 80-100 years. A relative of mine sold hers, same except for color, on eBay 10 years ago for $500.

    I have pictures and was wondering if any of you knew any information on it. It is beautiful and in mint condition.

    It has 2 small pockets on the inside along with a small mirror.It has Satin Pleated trim and handle. Damask lining on the inside.

    I can get pictures up in a little while showing the exterior/interior and mirror.

    Thanks for all of your help. Any info/links/websites/forums/stores/etc... are VERY appreciated. I am looking to sell this.

  2. [​IMG]
  3. Bottom section

  4. Inside (Small mirror inside a pocket)

  5. Mirror

  6. Back of Mirror

  7. Wow, what an heirloom! Very unique looking purse, and delicate too. Are you sure you don't want to keep it, given that it's been in your family for a long time?
  8. I think you should keep it,
  9. Me too, something with that much sentimental value can never be replaced.
  10. It does not have any sentimental value, I am actually selling it for an older woman I know. She just wrote all of this info. and I typed it in here.

  11. It is in wonderful shape, those beads don't look 100 years old at all. Are they glass?
  12. Not sure, it has been stored in a case for the whole time since they were brand new
  13. You could sell it, but I'd be careful and set an appropriate reserve price. My dad's an antique dealer and I help him out on a lot of his jewelry, clothing, and handbag sales (and in return get to keep the things I like!), and the market for purses like this on eBay is REALLY fickle. You need to find the right buyer who really wants a bag like this to complete his/her collection. Maybe list it once with a high reserve to see what it's likely to bring.
  14. Wow, beautiful :biggrin: I don't know if I could part with something like that.
  15. That is what I plan on doing, listing it and starting the bidding at $450